Protests in China as Communists Tighten “Zero COVID” Trademark

“Why is the American left so silent about what’s happening in China? Because they’re secretly jealous of the control the CCP has over its citizens. They don’t condemn it. They crave it.”

Chinese Communists are struggling to contain an outbreak of mass protests over the regime’s trademark “ZERO COVID” policy.

Demonstrations against the policy, borrowed by the West, intensified after ten people lost their lives during a fire in Urumqi, Xinjiang on November 26.

An additional nine people were injured in the fire. Critics blamed the Marxist regime’s hard-line zero COVID policy for the loss of life, accusing China’s COVID-zero policies of hindering rescue attempts.

Calling the rare ‘wave of civil disobedience’ something not seen since Chairman Xi took power, Reuters said the mass protests included Wuhan and Chengdu.

One protester, quoted by Reuters, declared: “I’m here because I love my country, but I don’t love my government … I want to be able to go out freely, but I can’t. Our COVID-19 policy is a game and is not based on science or reality.”

Footage posted online, then shared far and wide, shows workers pushing back against a swath of new mass lockdowns across the country.

Protests, reminiscent of Tiananmen, were seen at Tsinghua University, Beijing, as students rallied on campus, chanting “freedom will prevail.”

Al Jazeera added more demonstrations in Shanghai and the University in Nanjing.

Barring a repeat of 1989’s Communist massacre of pro-Democracy students, protests are unlikely to end soon.

Coupled with his arrogant defence of COVID Zero, Xi’s militant crackdown is worsening tensions.

According to the New York Post, ‘Shanghai, police pepper-sprayed about 300’ mourners paying tribute to the November 26 tragedy.

Additionally, ‘dozens of cities across the country have gone back into lockdown,’ as recalled by The Daily Wire, because ‘coronavirus infections were skyrocketing.’

The CCP arrogantly ignored red flags when it rejected advice from WHO General Director, Tedros Ghebreyesus recommending team Xi stop chasing COVID Zero, because the ‘ruthless’ Maoist approach, was “not sustainable.” 

The WHO General Director and the WHO’s emergencies chief, Mike Ryan, criticised the abuse of power, stating, “all pandemic control actions should show due respect to individual and human rights.”

NPR’s May report on the exchange cited growing unrest over ‘shortages of food and other daily necessities and the forced removal of thousands of people to quarantine centres.’

Noting the political reasons behind Zero COVID, NPR said, ruler-for-life, Xi Jinping was using COVID to ‘shore up’ his party’s authoritarian rule, claiming the CCP had censored the WHO’s recommendations, removing all references to the “learn to live with the virus” exchange.

Amnesty International issued warnings of its own, demanding the CCP “let people express their thoughts freely, and protest peacefully without fear of retaliation.”

Reticent about any real positive response from Xi, Amnesty said: “Unfortunately, China’s playbook is all too predictable. Censorship and surveillance will continue, and we will most likely see police use of force and mass arrests of protesters in the coming hours and days. Long prison sentences against peaceful protesters should be expected.”

The massive protests come almost a week after The World Economic Forum’s chief ghoul, Klaus Schwab, declared Chinaa model for many nations,” during APEC 2022, in Thailand.

Tone-deaf to the unrest, America’s own Wuhan virus lockdown lover, Anthony Fauci, blamed Donald Trump for the Chicom COVID cover-ups of the Wuhan virus.

Fauci also accused the Republican Party of politicising COVID-19, while hypocritically stating: “I’m personally not political at all. Period. I never have been.”

TPUSA founder, Charlie Kirk raised some good points responding to much of the silence from the political left – Fauci’s praise for Chicoms included — stating: “Why is the American left so silent about what’s happening in China? Because they’re secretly jealous of the control the CCP has over its citizens. They don’t condemn it. They crave it.”

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