Opponents of Critical Race Theory Are “Grooming Children to Be Racists,” Says “Anti-racist” Ibram X. Kendi

Kendi asserted, the real groomers weren’t gay ‘child predators,’ they were ‘white supremacists.’

A Critical Race Theory activist, heralded by GQ as the ‘preacher of the new anti-racist gospel,’ has accused his opponents of ‘grooming children to be racists.

Ibram X. Kendi delivered the dishonest accusation in an April 16 Op-Ed for The Atlantic.

Underpinned by the radical left’s ‘intersectionality’ religion, Kendi bulldozed the legitimate concerns of parents over the teaching (read: indoctrinating) of Critical Race Theory in schools.

In the divisive piece, a militant Kendi capitalised on Florida’s K-3 Parents’ rights bill.

Attempting to twist parental concerns about grooming, Kendi said the Republican Party were misrepresenting CRT and were doing so because they were grooming kids to be racists.

He doubled down on his statement by accusing the GOP of not caring about parents, inferring that GOP criticisms of CRT prove the party was ‘not being the party of parents of colour.’

The “anti-racist” concluded that parental concerns about CRT were primarily from “white parents,” therefore, Republicans were perpetuating a racist lie.

Kendi then reduced concerns about CRT to a conspiracy theory, equating them with concerns about the 2020 U.S election fraud.

He stated those concerns were all based on lies, as ‘fictitious, and as dangerous,’ as the election being stolen from Trump.

Predictably, for the “everything is racist, but me” radical leftist, all opposition to Critical Race Theory is coming from ‘Republican propagandists.’

Leaning on the radical left’s doctrine of ‘intersectionality,’ Kendi asserted, that parents were not protecting their children; they were protecting, ‘white-supremacist ideology.’ 

Such as ‘the toxic blend of racist, sexist, ableist, homophobic, transphobic, Islamophobic, xenophobic, and anti-Semitic ideas.’

For those unfamiliar with Critical Race Theory, CRT adheres to an invisible intersectional line by which people are categorised as villains or victims; the irredeemable, Marxist dichotomy of oppressor vs. oppressed.

In short, for Kendi and Critical Race Theory, anyone born white is born a racist. Christians are automatically “homophobic,” and straight, white males are automatically “sexist” or guilty of (the badly defined), “toxic masculinity.”

Kendi’s article also targeted video gaming, memes, and online activity.

The fearmongering activist attempted to build a case for CRT in schools by using obscure statistics, and unbacked speculation.

For instance, he claims:

“An estimated 2.3 million teens each year are exposed to white-supremacist ideology in chats for multiplayer games like World of Warcraft, Fortnite, Apex Legends, League of Legends, Madden, Overwatch, and Call of Duty.”

His catastrophising sales pitch continued:

“There might be more white-supremacist material preying on vulnerable young people on Instagram than on TikTok. White supremacists deploy all sorts of memes […] youth may be ‘groomed’ through direct messages that are sent en masse by white supremacists.”

The gaps in his article are blitheringly obvious.

The Boston University Professor followed his co-written rant with a specific attack on Florida’s parental rights bill.

Kendi asserted, the real groomers weren’t gay ‘child predators,’ they were ‘white supremacists.’

He then merged “white supremacy” with Islamic terrorism, saying, ‘to talk about domestic terrorism is to talk about white-supremacist organizations.’

The only real substance to Kendi’s opinion piece is the fact that ‘white nationalists’ exist.

White nationalism has about the same ideological attraction and theological confusion attached to it as black nationalism. Such as, the black nationalism supported by the Nation of Islam, and Ilhan Omar.

There are smaller factions within these White Nationalist groups who adhere to National Socialist, Aryan-nation ideology. However, their influence is exaggerated.

Along with his exaggeration, “white supremacism” is arbitrarily defined by Kendi, who chooses to generalise based on the spurious intersectional rubric.

By the CRT standard, despite their shade of melanin, any parent who opposes CRT, is a “white supremacist.”

Consequently, Kendi’s use of the term ‘child predators’ is hazy, indeterminant, and therefore reckless.

Kendi’s partisan hit-piece, is, in sum, a “hate-filled” sermon for the far-left faithful.

The article is also undone by cruel irony.

Since Kendi’s “hate whitey” “anti-racism” marginalises young white men, Kendi would have to share the blame for “grooming” impressionable young men into joining white nationalist groups.

By definition, Kendi’s “anti-racist” platform incites racial division.

More damning is the observation that racism for Kendi – much like career politicians in the Democrat Party – is his bread, and butter.

As the Post-Millennial reported, Kendi is said to be ‘ making as much as $32,500 per hour for a speaking engagement.’

To paraphrase Darrell Bernard Harrison, ‘for the woke Left, racism is good for business.’

It’s therefore fair to say, that a world without “racism” would be a world without CRT, and the Democrat Party weaponizing it for political traction.

2022 is an important mid-term election year in the United States.

Kendi’s real goal here appears to follow the “that’s racism,” far-left’s voting scam.

In the words of the Just Thinking Podcast, ‘Critical Race Theory is culturally accepted racism.

By way of white guilt, and rattling the emotional shackles of black Americans, Kendi reminds black Americans they are chained to the Democrat Party, and as such, must vote accordingly.

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