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A classic case of political unhinging

What did the Blasey Ford/Kavanaugh charade in September 2018 show us? Opposition to a highly esteemed judge on ideological grounds warrants slander of the highest order to prevent him or anyone like him from being an influential law keeper. Like taking sides in a boxing ring, this issue polarised Americans: On the right, there is rule of law; on the left, there is mob rule.

Clutching onto someone’s trauma, the left virtue signals token hashtags such as #IBelieveHer and #MeToo as munition for their own political agenda. The left does not care any more about victims of sexual assault than those on the right who did not believe Blasey Ford without evidence supporting her claim of assault by Kavanaugh. The left only cares about winning the gunfight by any means necessary, and she was just another bullet in their gun.

The mandate of the political left has become increasingly clear to Americans and everyone following recent developments in American politics. To achieve their goals, leftists will use any scapegoat, including despicable false allegations of a most heinous of crimes, using dispensable people as willing pawns to do their dirty work.

The stakes were high in this case; it is when passions are most inflamed that fairness is most in jeopardy. How these passions were used with such pre-meditated connivance against Kavanaugh puts into question the ethics of the Democratic party. Then came the shifting goalposts and manipulation when things didn’t go their way. Could they have stooped any lower in moral bankruptcy that they don’t care that Americans can see through their tactics?

Well, it didn’t stop there. On came the Covington Boys defamation case (January 2019), the Virginia triple scandal (February 2019), the Jusse Smollett hoax (February 2019) and now the Mueller report that the left pulled off all stops to ensure this president was going to be indicted. All of these were examples of overt denial of facts, whilst scheming and manipulating people to undertake acts of sedition for political gain. Will they stop? Highly unlikely, but it does make for good reality television viewing.

When all is said and done, and the political left clings to more fabricated scandals in the hope that their transgressions will soon be forgotten, it behoves us to be reminded how we got where we are, and what kind of society we would like to be a part of in the future. Will it be based on truths, half-truths or dirty lies?

With the sober truth, we will not fall for the social media symbolism that the unhinged Left uses to lure us in. For it is now self-evident that they are ironically united in creating division: between man and woman, between child and parent, between socioeconomic classes, even between ethnic groups, all the while doing so in the name of tolerance.

But it is clear this is all part of the scheming tactics of the left to gain power they are so desperate for. Let us not fall for the deception, but rather call out the lies in dignified debate, such that we may forge a wiser Australia that keeps her politicians honest every step of the way.

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