Old Feminists Are Reaping Their Reward

“The end result of feminism is inevitably big government, because, in reality, all the women did with woman’s suffrage was replace their husbands with the state…”

“And seven women shall take hold of one man in that day, saying, “We will eat our own bread and wear our own clothes, only let us be called by your name; take away our reproach.” Isaiah 4:1

I implore the young women, don’t fall for the feminist propaganda that you don’t need a man and that you can prioritize career over children. I implore you, don’t fall for that path,  for such a choice can lead you to a fate that will be too cruel for many of you to bear in your old age.

As the – INCREDIBLY – progressive ABC notes:

“While Dr Hamilton’s research showed that single women without children had higher personal incomes than mothers, “the advantages of not having children are overshadowed by the disadvantages of being single”.

Renting presents big challenges, too. For example, women in Dr Hamilton’s study reported that “real estate agents telling them that a dual income applicant was a more secure option for the landlord than a person on a single income”.

Dr Hamilton’s research also revealed anxiety among older single women about what would happen when their own health and aged care needs arose.

“Because they didn’t have a spouse or children of their own, they expressed a very strong fear about growing older and not knowing who’d be there to support them in the future,” she says.

“Many were very worried that they would be forced to move into a residential aged care setting before they were ready.”

This article also notes that there is a “singlehood penalty” for older women and it is right to do so. Singlehood brings with it a host of disadvantages in this life. This is because God created man and woman to live together in marriage. Two are better than one after all because you will need someone to lean on and to rely on from time to time.

This is why when a priest takes a vow of celibacy he is in some sense wed to the church and is supported and provided for by the Church, because he will not be able to look after himself in old age, he has the brotherhood of priests to rely on. This is why nuns live in convents, not alone, so they do not have to face the lonely consequences of taking vows of chastity, they are surrounded by an adopted family of sisters.

If you live alone it will eventually bring you to a place where you will find that life becomes too much. Eventually, we all need to lean on somebody else. So even orders that take a vow of chastity make allowances for support.

Note also that single older women become the responsibility of society, well at least in our modern welfare society they do. They become a burden of care for the community. No one likes the idea of leaving an old woman to suffer alone without help, and therefore society will to some degree step in and try to help.

Paul told the church to look after the single older women in the church. But he told the younger women and widows to marry and have children. Children are a wealth beyond income, a support beyond government and charity, and a gift beyond any promotion or career achievement. And the women who bought the second-wave feminist lie are finding this out now the hard way.

But we should note that many of these women are reaping the fruit of their decisions in life, but so too is the rest of society. The end result of feminism is inevitably big government, because in reality all the women did with woman’s suffrage was replace their husbands with the state (this was implicit in much of their rhetoric of the day as well).

They changed who their ultimate husband was, they replaced Bob with Bureaucracy, they replaced Steve with the State, they replaced Joe with government jobs.

Whether or not someone agrees with universal suffrage, the end result is still the ultimate empowerment of the state over everyone’s lives in a way that the founders of the West could never have imagined. Because it creates a vast dependency class the like of which has probably not been seen ever before in history.

Now, like the patriarch it is, the government is being called on to look after women in their old age, women who refused to heed the Lord’s advice to secure a man, make a family and make this their top priority. And how can society say no to this? Most people will feel a deep sense of pity for these women, even the radical feminists who refused to listen and make a life with a man work.[1] We will know that their choices led to this, but most people will still feel the need to solve it.

I also know there are some women who have tried to get a husband or make a marriage work and failed, and I feel for them, and the church should seek to help them. But this is bigger than just those women, a lot of these women made choices to pursue the single life, not really taking into account that we all get old, and we all need to lean on someone else eventually. Best that it is your children, not the state and others.

It is cruel that our society propagandizes women to pursue a career over childrearing. It is cruel that our society uses the first 17-20 years of a young woman’s life to train them to deny what God created them to be: wives and mothers once they reach maturity. There are countless women working moderately paid government jobs, or teaching jobs, or nursing jobs, or reception jobs, who are kicking themselves that they put that before a family, again and again, until it was too late. They live in regret of that decision throughout their lives, especially in old age.

Old women, teach the younger women to keep the home and love their husbands (Titus 2:3-5). This is Paul’s advice and it is advice that will add a wealth to your life no amount of money can achieve. If you are still young enough to find a husband and have children, make this choice now before it is too late. You still have time to avoid the fate of these women.

[1] If you are not swayed by sympathy for such women, I understand this, I would simply note that Jesus had sympathy for repentant women who knew their mistakes, like the woman caught in adultery, or the Canaanite woman. But leaving that aside, even if you are not swayed in any way, remember that all of society was ground to a halt with the rhetoric: “Do you want my grandma to die?” in 2020. I was blown away by how this made people fold, but it did, and it will again with this issue.

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