Mike Johnson Backs Bannon: J6 “Insurrection” Committee Is Illegitimate

“The J6 committee suppressed key pieces of evidence, cherry-picked evidence that supported their narrative, and played a 20-million-dollar blame game to frame President Trump and Republicans.”

The current Republican speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Mike Johnson, will back Steve Bannon.

Johnson told Sean Hannity that House Republicans are “working on filing an amicus brief” to help the former Trump aid fend off Biden DOJ’s January 6 contempt case against him.

Johnson said, “The January 6 committee was wrongly constituted.

“We think the work was tainted. We think they may have very covered-up evidence and maybe even more nefarious activities.

“We’ve been investigating the committee itself,” he said, adding, “We disagree with how [Nancy] Pelosi put all that together.

“We think it violated House rules, and so, we’ll be expressing that to the court.

“I think,” he added, “it will help Steve Bannon and his appeal.”

Speaking with CNN, Johnson doubled down, stating, “We think it’s important to file the brief.

“The previous statement under Nancy Pelosi was incorrect. We do not believe the J6 special committee followed the rules.”

Commenting on their own investigation, Johnson said, the covering up of evidence is “very concerning.”

“When they’re using that to prosecute people, we think it’s important for the House’s position to be known.”

J6 wasn’t a “proper committee doing appropriate work,” he added.

In Bannon’s case, he said, “We think the court should take that into consideration.”

After losing appeals before the circuit court, Steve Bannon’s lawyers put forward a sharply worded appeal to the Supreme Court on Friday.

In the filing (which can be read here) Bannon’s team argued precedent, on the grounds that executive privilege was being compromised.

If a sitting government can abuse their power in this way – by putting Bannon behind bars – there’s nothing stopping the opposing party from doing the same.

“The Court should also be mindful of the [Biden] government’s own conduct when it comes to congressional subpoenas.

“Congress recently issued subpoenas to DOJ regarding Hunter Biden, yet DOJ instructed its Tax Division lawyers to refuse to comply.”

Bannon’s lawyers then argued, “‘Jail for thee, not for me’ is hardly an acceptable position for the government.”

“The government stated below that ‘equal justice under the law’ and an ‘even-handed application of the bail statute’ required promptly imprisoning Mr. Bannon.

“Such aphorisms ring hollow when DOJ itself ignores House subpoenas and faces no repercussions.”

The Supreme Court should, they wrote, step in and “shut down this pandora’s box.”

Responding to Johnson’s backing, Bannon’s War Room expanded insight into investigations into the J6 committee.

WR confirmed Johnson’s concerns by citing Barry Loudermilk.

Loudermilk, chair of the House subcommittee investigating the J6 committee, said they’d gone over every scrap of evidence.

They found that J6’s interrogation bureaucrats, “were not completely truthful with the American people.”

Outlining his damning review, Loudermilk added, “Liz Cheney and Bennie Thompson had little regard for House rules and no regard for transparency.

“The J6 committee suppressed key pieces of evidence, cherry-picked evidence that supported their narrative, and played a 20-million-dollar blame game to frame President Trump and Republicans,” he concluded.

Propping up Bannon’s chances, the Bipartisan Legal Advisory Group (BLAG) – made up of the Speaker, majority and minority leaderships – voted 3-2, declaring the J6 ‘insurrection’ committee, and all its subpoenas as illegitimate.’

The overall Democrat political manoeuvre against Bannon is convenient.

Bannon will serve a four-month sentence, effectively removing him from directly campaigning for Donald Trump’s 2024 rerun against Joe Biden.

The sentence also gags Bannon.

He won’t be able to comment on, report about, or speak to the election from his War Room media platform.

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