Medical Groups Call On Biden’s DOJ to Investigate Opponents of LGBTQ+ Gender Therapy

They want to stifle dissent, suppress speech, and criminalize opposition.

Three powerful lobby groups within the United States have issued a written request urging Joe Biden’s Department of Justice to investigate LGBTQ+ gender conversion therapy dissidents.

In a two-page document sent on to Merrick Garland, the American Medical Association, American Academy of Paediatrics,  and Children’s Hospital Association strongly inferred they were under siege by “domestic terrorists.”

In an apparent reference to Libs of Tik Tok, Tucker Carlson, City Journal’s, Christopher Rufo, Matt Walsh, and The Daily Wire, the medical trio inferred that so-called “domestic terrorism” was being fuelled by an ‘intentional disinformation campaign by a few users on social media sharing false and misleading information targeting individual physicians and hospitals.’

The group of three also alleged the 270,000 doctors and 220 hospitals each group represents were facing unprecedented “attacks” from ‘organizations, individuals, and entities coordinating, provoking, and carrying out bomb threats and threats of personal violence,’ against ‘providers of evidence-based gender-affirming “health care.”’ (PDF)

Doctors having the time to perform in well-choreographed TikTok videos aside, the letter’s authors also cited increased ‘stress and fear’ was being added to ‘nearly three years of working on the frontlines during the global pandemic.’

Linking the fight against CCP-19 with a fight to protect LGBTQ+ gender conversion therapy, the AMA, ADP, and CHA said, despite workers ‘fearing for their lives,’ their teams were committed to providing ‘gender-affirming’ genital mutilation, and chemical castration – described as “healthcare.” 

Christopher Rufo first drew attention to the letter, he condemned threats against hospitals, while accusing the medical trio of censorship, stating in a thread on Twitter:

“The AMA is asking Big Tech and the Department of Justice to censor, deplatform, investigate, and prosecute journalists who question the orthodoxy of radical gender surgeries for minors, arguing that public criticism is ‘disinformation.’”

He added, “This is now the Left’s playbook: last year, the National School Board Association, Department of Justice, and F.B.I. worked together to label parents who opposed critical race theory ‘domestic terrorists.’ They want to stifle dissent, suppress speech, and criminalize opposition.”

Furthering his points, Rufo said, if radical (allegedly “evidence-based”) gender-affirmation is ‘so good, the activists and doctors who promote – and profit from it – should defend their practices in the realm of public opinion.’

A press release from the AMA referring to the letter reasserted calls for technocrats at Twitter, TikTok and Meta, to silence dissenters in the name of “saving (LGBTQ+) lives.”

The joint appeal to Merrick Garland comes hot on the tail of Biden’s attorney general personally approving the FBI raid on former President, Donald Trump’s home in Mar-A-Lago.

Garland is facing additional questions about his role in the singling out, and subsequent heavy-handed SWAT raid on the home of Catholic pro-life pastoral care ministry leader, Mark Houck

The AMA, ADP, and CHA’s letter of demand also follows Joe Biden’s so-called “unity rally” in September, where the current President labelled over 70 million Americans a “threat to democracy,” for simply holding a pro-life, pro-Biblical Christ, pro-liberty, and pro-livelihood point of view.

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