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Mayor Shows off New Police Drone for Monitoring People Violating Social Distancing Rules

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The Mayor of Savannah has shared footage on social media of a new police drone that will monitor the city and help enforce social distancing measures.

Mayor Van Johnson posted the video to Facebook on Sunday, along with a caution to the public, stating: “If you are not observing social distancing in Savannah, your first warning might look like this…”

The Savannah Police Department will be using five drones to monitor the city, two of which will include prerecorded messages.

Sgt. Jason Pagliaro said, “They give us the capability to put it airborne, 100 feet in the air and cover a much larger area than an officer on foot could and get the same message out rather quickly and safely.”

“We are in the middle of a crisis,” Johnson told WSAV. “We’re on our peak time frame and we’re serious about social distancing. The reason why we have so many cases we have is because, two weeks ago people felt that life was normal it is not normal.”

Johnson said the city will take “any necessary actions” to prevent public areas from getting crowded.

One Facebook user said in response to the video: “Can’t wait for someone to blow this thing out of the sky. Can’t wait for the people to sue the crap out of the city for this one.”

The Mayor responded by saying: “And I can’t wait to see someone go to jail for trying to do so.”


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