Finnish Bureaucrats Pursue Pro-LGBTQ+ Prosecution of Bible-Quoting Grandmother for a THIRD Time

“It clearly shows how vague ‘hate speech’ laws allow government to weaponize the legal process as a punishment for opposing views.”

FINLAND: Marxian-woke Finnish bureaucrats are set to pursue Päivi Räsänen for a third time.

The Christian, grandmother, and former MP, is facing a 3rd round of attempts by fanatical LGBTQ+ identifying activist bureaucrats to force her compliance.

They’ve spectacularly lost two high-profile cases against her, but they want the lawfare precedent.


Over time, this would allow the “gay” PRIDE movement to ban the Bible as “hate speech,” & impose struggle sessions on Christians who faithfully quote it. (re-education – known euphemistically as “LGBTQ+ sensitivity training”)

By removing the last bastion of sanity against the communist identity politics sex cult, they can then impose their sexual preference, culture, and adopted ideological identity onto others – specifically kids, men, and the further erasure of women.

Caldron Pool has been following Räsänen’s case since May 2021 (see here, here, here, and here).

Alliance Defending Freedom (ADL legal) explained, “Päivi is [again] being prosecuted for ‘hate speech’ for her 2019 tweet, along with a 2004 church pamphlet she wrote expressing the Christian view of marriage.”

“The pair were unanimously acquitted by the district court in 2022 and the appeals court in 2023. But the Finnish prosecutor wouldn’t let it go, appealing again to Finland’s Supreme Court.”

The case, ADL legal said, “has been a watershed for the future of free speech in Europe.”

“It clearly shows how vague ‘hate speech’ laws allow government to weaponize the legal process as a punishment for opposing views.”

Paul Coleman, ADL International’s executive director, added,

“Criminalizing speech through so-called ‘hate-speech’ laws shuts down important public debates and poses a grave threat to our democracies.”

Suffice to say, while the process may very well be the punishment, doggedly demanding the judiciary force Päivi Räsänen’s silence, and her compliance, smashes the run-around defence for Same-Sex “marriage” by its dismissive apologists.

SSM was NEVER about equality.

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