Bookshop Offers Free Bibles After Powerful Speech at Freedom Rally Prompts Renewed Interest In God

“When the state is not restrained by a law greater than itself, it will become a law unto itself,” Evelyn said.

A Christian bookshop in Sydney is offering free Bibles to Australians after a powerful speech delivered at Sydney’s freedom rally over the weekend prompted numerous messages expressing a renewed interest in Christianity.

Caldron Pool contributor Evelyn Rae warned the large crowds gathered at Sydney’s Hyde Park that tyranny is inevitable if civil governments aren’t restrained by God’s law.

Addressing the rally on November 27, Evelyn warned that “when we remove God over government, our freedoms go from God-given rights to state-sanctioned privileges.”

“When the state is not restrained by a law greater than itself, it will become a law unto itself,” she said. “While ever there is no throne above the government, they will assume the highest authority over us.”

Evelyn continued by explaining the greatest threat to tyranny is a people whose allegiance is to someone greater than the Prime Minister and state premiers.

“Today, we need to remind our politicians that we are not their property,” she said. “We are not the property of the state, that God, not the government owns us. That Christ, not Caesar, owns the people. And that Scripture, not the state, dictates how they behave.”

Evelyn concluded her speech by proclaiming Christ as King, which was followed by loud cheers and applause from the crowd.

Following her speech, numerous individuals reached out to Evelyn, saying her message has renewed their interest in the Bible and are now seeking resources to learn more about God and Christianity.

It’s a trend not limited to Sydney. Christian-themed signage at the rallies has been increasingly dominant across multiple states. Just take a look at this 60-second video below which was captured in Melbourne over the weekend:

Australian author and academic, Dr Stephen Chavura, weighed in on the nationwide phenomenon in a post on Facebook, admitting he has not seen such a blatant display of public Christianity in recent history.

“I’ve been to the last two anti-mandate/passport freedom rallies and I can say that there probably hasn’t been a popular event in recent Australian history where the kingship of Jesus was proclaimed to so many Australians by multiple speakers. Also, at both rallies, the Lord’s Prayer was recited by the crowd. It was a beautiful thing to be a part of,” Dr Chavura said.

“After Evelyn Rae’s speech, in which she declared the authority of Scripture and the kingship of Jesus to loud cheers from the crowd a man was asking for a Bible to learn more about God. If that one man was openly asking, how many were secretly wondering?”

Addressing the critics, Dr Chavura went on to say: “If these events are an embarrassment to the majority of self-identified Christians – as Eternity Magazine recently suggested – and to Christian institutional/intellectual elites, just remember, that’s nothing new in church history. These rallies are remarkable evangelistic opportunities, and laypeople are making the most of them.”

Reformers Bookshop generously told Caldron Pool that they would happily send free Bibles to any Australians looking for one. We’ve set up a page for easy ordering for those who might be interested in obtaining a free Bible. You can place your order by filling in your details here.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for free online Bibles, we’ve listed a few below:

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