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SHOCKING: Police Break Down Man’s Front Door to “Double-Check” He Wasn’t Violating Social Distancing Rules

Police officers in the UK have broken down a man’s front door in order to “double-check” he wasn’t violating social distancing rules.

The man, who recorded the incident on his phone, soon after uploaded the footage to social media which has since gone viral.

The recording begins seconds after at least four police officers wearing no protection gear smashed through the man’s door and forcibly entered his house on suspicion that he had visitors in violation of coronavirus self-isolation orders.

“Listen to us,” the female officer said as she entered his home. “We’ve had a call, haven’t we — because we wouldn’t have come otherwise. We thought that there might be something going on here. So we need to double-check. I appreciate what you’re saying about social distancing, so I’m keeping a distance.”

“Yeah, f*** off,” the man replied.

“We need to check the rooms to make sure nothing’s going on,” the officer said.

“No, stay away from me,” the man said as the officers moved further into his house. “What are you doing in my house?”

“We got a call that there was a disturbance,” the officer replied.

“So, you kick my door in?” the man said.

“Should you have opened the door?” the officer asked.

“No, I told you why I wouldn’t open the door. It’s because of what’s going around – this virus. Now, f*** off,” he responded.

As the man backed away from the officers who were wearing neither face masks nor gloves, they proceeded to search other rooms in the house for guests.

It’s believed the police officers and the person who complained mistook the man’s television for conversation.

Police eventually left the house, waving at the man as they exited through his now broken front door.

WATCH (Language Warning):

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