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Cringe Warning: ABC responds to privilege video backlash

If you haven’t already heard, ABC ME recently removed their entire Facebook page. The decision to pull the page came in response to the backlash they received from a video titled, ‘The Privilege Song.’ The clip, originally aired during a program on ABC ME, was designed to introduced children to “white privilege.”

Yesterday, the ABC responded to the whole incident again. This time with another rap video, even worse than the first.

The sequel/spoof, called ‘The Internet Song,’ follows the original video by comparing two stereotypical characters. The first is a woman named Carol. Like all women, Carol uses the internet to share cute videos of dogs and browse foodie blogs. Carol liked the original video.

The second character is Kevin. Unfortunately, Kevin is an angry, disenfranchised, undateable, alt-right male who blames feminism for his failures in life. Kevin did not like the original video because he felt “personally attacked” by it. Kevin is the reason why ABC ME had to delete their entire Facebook page…. Apparently.

Yes, the folks at the ABC genuinely cannot comprehend why anyone in their right mind would object to children being taught that Australia is essentially racist and unfair, and that white males succeed because they get a free ride. I mean, surely the only people who would find that questionable would be male “alt-right trolls” who can’t find a date, right? A brief look at the video comments section seems to suggest otherwise.

The unfortunate video, that’s racked up more “angry” emojis than “likes” can be viewed below. Cringe warning!

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