Port Macquarie Educator Fired During COVID Slams Medical Authoritarianism

“Australians are still paying a high price for their leaders’ overreaction…”

Mandate victim, Kassi Gilmour, has slammed medical authoritarianism.

The former New South Wales school teacher was fired for refusing to comply with public health orders in December 2021.

Kassi, a Port Macquarie region local, recently told Café Locked Out, she was given six options, which she says, really amounted to none.

Instead of agreeing to her request for special leave without pay, the school gave her three different dates to either get “vaccinated” or face losing her job.

Kassi’s employment was eventually terminated for “failing to comply with the government’s Covid-19 mandate to be vaccinated.”

“There was no negotiation,” she said.

Keen to stay in her job, Kassi spoke with the local MP, who assured her, “The vaccines were not mandatory.”

Notably, four years on, and this official disinformation is still asserted by the Australian Human Rights Commission:

Kassi brought the MP’s assertions to her employer.

They told her the MP was wrong, and made it very clear that “no jab, no job” was the official policy of the NSW government.

Her employer doubled down, inferring that they backing the mandates without question or exception.

“I didn’t want to lose my job,” she said.

“I absolutely loved where I was, and it was a heartbreaking moment for me, but not a hard decision to make.”

Kassi recalled that the school had gone too far.

They threatened to get “other agencies involved” to forcibly remove her from the school if she didn’t leave on her own volition.

With two of her own children enrolled in the school at the time, the mother of four decided to pull them out.

Forced by the school’s threats, and concern for her kids’ education, she made the call to homeschool them instead.

Describing the decision as a “180” Kassi said homeschooling has helped heal the bureaucratic betrayal.

This was somewhat of a surprising silver lining, she explained.

Now teaching kindergarten, and year 1 online, Kassi is the owner and founder of Aussie Readers, which offers a “complete English course for children.”

Talking with Family Voice SA, Kassi said the course is fit “for any family wishing to reclaim the right to impart the gift of literacy to their own children.”

An attractive feature of Aussie Readers is the deliberate absence of Marxian-Woke language.

Kassi’s “resources apply the correct gender terms, and include no reference or commendation of the Queer agenda.”

Another benefit for new homeschooling families is that the year-long course for Kindergarten, and Year 1, follows the Australian curriculum.

This home-grown Australian initiative coincides with a growing list of conscientious objectors such as Brave Books in the United States, and its partnership with Growing Pains actor, Kirk Cameron.

Forced “vaccine” measures for teachers came into effect in New South Wales on 8th November 2021.

Approximately 4,900 educators risked losing their livelihoods because of the directives.

Compliance with the public health orders was monitored through an internal denouncement program called SCOUT.

SCOUT is a centralised data hub for the NSW Department of Education.

The system was repurposed by the “crisis taskforce” as an “internal reporting tool, for the purposes of monitoring and reporting data” on who was, and who wasn’t “vaccinated.”

This was admitted by CESE, in its review of the education department’s adoption of medical authoritarianism:

“Prior to a staff member commencing work at a school or early education and care site, the staff member’s attestation and vaccination status was validated by their manager in the COVID-19 Vaccine report in the SCOUT system, which is an internal reporting tool.”

By June 6, 2022, 589 teachers from NSW public schools, had been “dismissed for not complying with the vaccine mandate.”

The Guardian puts the number at 695.

No hard data exists for private school non-compliance dismissals.

There probably won’t be until a Royal Commission into government responses to the pro-Democracy killing Chi-Comm virus is carried out.

As Kurt Mahlberg argued at great length earlier this month, “It is difficult to imagine a debacle in Australia’s history more deserving of a Royal Commission.

“Australians are still paying a high price for their leaders’ overreaction to Covid-19.”

Former school teacher, turned tutor, Kassi Gilmour is one of them.

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