Marxist’s Own the Matrix: New Documentary, Hollywood Takeover, Shows How

“An ever-vigilant eye on Hollywood’s relationship with Communist China continues to expose its compromise with Communism.”

An ever-vigilant eye on Hollywood’s relationship with Communist China continues to expose its compromise with Communism.

Back in June 2021 I shared the sorry tale of WWE wrestler, turned actor John Cena.

Cena met with justifiable criticism for issuing an apology in Mandarin.

He went “off script” by calling Taiwan a country.

The Chi-comms didn’t like it, pulled rank, and Cena’s handlers in Hollywood made him goosestep to the Maoist medley.

Chinese Communists get all tangled over Taiwan – China’s last bastion of freedom, and free elections – being validated as a nation.

This is because validating Taiwan’s self-determination contradicts the Communist Party’s One China principle.

Beijing’s Bolsheviks see Taiwan as their territory.

To illustrate just how far the CCP can reach, the Top Gun follow-up, Maverick removed Taiwanese and Japanese flags from Maverick’s iconic flight jacket.

Another of Hollywood’s grand gestures of appeasement was ‘Pixels.’

CBS alleged that the original script had the Great Wall of China being destroyed.

To avoid an offended Communist Chinese Party blocking access to the billion-dollar Chinese market, ‘Pixels’ writers allegedly pandered to party propagandists, and changed the scene to feature the Taj Mahal.

It’s these examples, and others, that have prompted a new, celebrity packed documentary which claims to further expose ‘how Hollywood is helping to further a global adversary’s agenda.’

Due for release in March, Hollywood Takeover: China’s control in the film industry aims to explain ‘the consequences [Hollywood’s compromise with Communists, will] have on our own future.’

The film is also said to share ‘what brave individuals are doing to change the tide.’

Created by Epoch TV, and bolstered by pro-Democracy Chinese American media group, NTD (New Tang Dynasty) film, the bold documentary, leans on Hollywood insider, Chris Fenton, and China-In-Focus journalist, Tiffany Meier.

Back in 2021, I noted how he’s right to argue that Hollywood’s partiality means compromise through compliance.

Fenton has been instrumental in bringing the CCP’s grip on Hollywood’s compromise-to-feed-corporate greed to light.

Chinese Communist proxies have been heavily investing in Hollywood since at least 2016.

For Fenton, whose CV is as extensive as they come in the entertainment world, Hollywood’s partnership with Communist China is a ‘misguided’ economic alliance wrought with danger.

His 288-page, 2020 book, ‘Feeding the Dragon’ exemplifies this effort.

Hollywood Takeover: China’s control in the film industry promises the do more of the same.

With his book’s 4.2-star Amazon rating, the documentary already has my attention.

Fenton’s exposition sits alongside Xi Van Fleet’s ‘Moa’s America,’  in my top ten list of books that deserve wider recognition.

Of importance, the union between the CCP and Hollywood is also shared by Silicon Valley.

To use just one example, free speech king, Elon Musk, for all his positive points, is, rarely, if ever critical of the CCP.

Similar to Hollywood, it’s in his financial interest to follow that ‘go along, to get along,’ road paved to hell.

Some major Tesla batteries are made in Shanghai.

Musk isn’t the only technocrat with too much to lose if he wanders too far from the CCP’s Maoist mandates.

The leash extends to big tech’s complicit co-operation in China’s mass surveillance, and censorship apparatus, the Golden Shield [firewall] Project.

Google actively blocks users from searching words unapproved by the Chinese Communist Government.

This was highlighted by Harvard’s 2002 comprehensive list of searches blocked by Google in China, by request of the Chinese Communist Government. (Complete Chart)

The list of censored subjects include:

  • Tibet
  • Taiwan
  • Equality
  • dissident China
  • revolution
  • dissident
  • freedom China
  • justice China
  • counter-revolution China
  • news China/Democracy China

Through the Golden Shield, Marxist’s own the matrix (see here, and here).

This conclusion appears to be the one Fenton, and NTD land on in Hollywood Takeover: China’s control in the film, as well.

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