More Than 50 Christians Massacred in Nigeria and Woke World of BLM Hardly Lifts Its Head

“Surely, the mass killing of Christians in a Nigerian church by extremists is deserving of the same solidarity, support and sympathy, as the mass killing of Kiwi Muslims in a Christchurch Mosque?”

Arakunrin Akeredolu, Governor of Ondo State in Nigeria asked for calm on Sunday after approximately 50+ Christians were gunned down in what looks likely to have been an Islamist attack on St. Francis Catholic Church in Owo, Nigeria.

Writing condolences on Twitter, Akeredolu, an Anglican, said he was ‘saddened by the unprovoked attack and killing of innocent people.’

The governor of Ondo described the attack as a ‘calculated, assault; a vile and Satanic attack on the peace-loving people of Owo Kingdom.’

Akeredolu said he was ‘shocked’ by the ‘unexpected development while committing to ‘make every available resource to hunt down the assailants and make them pay.’

‘We shall never bow to the machinations of heartless elements in our resolve to rid our state of criminals,’ he stated.

The governor then urged ‘the people to remain calm and vigilant,’ encouraging people to ‘not take the law into their own hands,’ giving reassurances that ‘security operatives would be deployed’ to ensure safety and ‘restore normalcy.’

Akeredolu later posted updates of his visit to the scene. He reiterated an earlier commitment to helping survivors of what he termed as a both a ‘terror attack’ and ‘great massacre.’

Al Jazeera recounted that ‘gunmen opened fire and detonated explosives as Christians gathered on Sunday.’

According to the BBC, Armed men entered the church during the service, and fired into the congregation, abducting a priest and others from the congregation.

Although the body count is unconfirmed at the time of writing, at least 50 people were killed, many of them children.

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari has reportedly condemned the terrorist attack.

The NYT quoted Buhari describing the attack as a ‘dastardly act,’ while illustrating the event’s enormity via a video posted to social media.

Video shows blood-stained floors with the NYT explaining that other videos posted on social media contained images of bodies lying in pools of blood. 

Forbes identified Nigeria – specifically the Northern region – as one of the world’s most hostile places for Christians to live; adding Nigeria to their list of seven countries where Christian minorities are under threat in 2022.

Christians in the country face ‘abductions, forcible conversions, forcible marriages, rape and sexual violence,’ from Islamists and militant Muslim expansionist groups such as Boko Haram, the Islamic State in West Africa Province (ISWAP), and Fulani ethno-Islamists.

As Caldron Pool reported last week, while Christians bear the brunt of Islamist violence, moderate Muslims are among the terror victims.

The Islamist goal of destabilising Nigeria is to bring about an Islamic Sultanate ruled by Sharia law.

Sunday’s massacre of Christians at St. Francis Catholic Church follows the Quran 9:29 modus operandi lynching of Christian student, Deborah Yakubu in the north-western state of Sokoto.

Yakubu was stoned, and then burned alive by a Muslim mob, after she was accused of blaspheming Islam for allegedly ‘disagreeing with Islamic propaganda on social media.’

While Nigerian authorities continue to wrangle with the increasing Islamist jihad on the Constitutional Democratic state, authorities seem to be struggling with how to acknowledge the extent of the problem without triggering a civil war.

Similarly, Westerners appear aloof to both the causalities and cause.

While news of the massacre is being reported by legacy media, the dissonance between responses to the 2019 massacre of Muslims in Christchurch NZ, and responses to ongoing attacks in Nigeria, not just St. Francis Catholic Church in Owo, is glaringly obvious.

Remember when politicians, influencers, and celebrities donned hijabs and genuflected to Islam after the tragedy in New Zealand?

Note the double standard.

More than 50 Christians were massacred in Nigeria, and there is zip from those who shared solidarity with the Christchurch attack’s victims.

Where is the global outpouring of sympathy, solidarity and support for Nigerian Christians – all witnessed as news broke of the Christchurch massacre?

Where is the front-page photo-ops featuring Western politicians gesturing in solidarity from flaky woketopian, WEF leftist, Justin Trudeau, to red flag-carrying socialist Jacinda Ardern?

Maybe, Nigerians are the wrong kind of black? Maybe the victims are from the wrong kind of faith?

Surely, the mass killing of Christians in a Nigerian church by extremists is deserving of the same solidarity, support and sympathy, as the mass killing of Kiwi Muslims in a Christchurch Mosque?

Even more to the point:

Where is Black Lives Matter? Where is the summer of rage Stalinist sycophants, ANTIFA? Where is the self-important, “anti-racist”, Ibram X. Kendi or Robin DeAngelo?

Surely, 50+ Nigerian Christians deserve equal, if not more recognition than George Floyd?

Could it be that macabre Marxists and racist “anti-racists” simply can’t cash in on the deaths of Christian kids as easily as they were able to turn George Floyd’s tragic death into a cash-cow?

For all that we hear from Black Lives Matter Inc. about how racist Western Countries allegedly are, we hear nothing from them about Nigeria, South Africa or other hotspots of extremist Islamic violence.

Does this mean that these organisations consider the mass slaughter of black Christians and moderate Muslims acceptable?

The tragedy in Nigeria isn’t just earthshattering for Nigeria’s authorities, the mass murder shatters the loud, selective silence from within the West, exposing the Left’s fraudulent agenda, and empty mantras.

Everyone who was duped into donating to BLM posted or posed with a black square on social media should get down knee-deep in reflection, and repentance.

All the righteous posturing in the world isn’t worth a damn, while what happened, has been happening, and is continuing to happen in Nigeria continues to be ignored.

We need to start talking about the Islamist genocide of Nigerian Christians.

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