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Man walks into women’s showers, accuses concerned naked woman of harassment for questioning his gender.

A woman in Norway was taken to court for harassment after she questioned a naked man showering in the women’s change room at her local fitness centre.

In July 2016, the woman was showering in the female only facility when a completely naked man entered. The woman questioned the man thinking he unintentionally walked into the wrong change room. The man claimed he had a right to use the women’s facilities because he legally identified as a woman.

The woman later contacted management who reportedly told her individuals with male genitalia do not have access to female only facilities. The man, however, continued to use the women’s change rooms.

In February 2017, the woman questioned the male again, asking if he had spoken with management about his use of the female showers.

“What the f-ck is your problem?” the man allegedly responded. “This is none of your f-cking business!”

The man then attempted to sue the woman for insinuating that his male genitalia made him less of a woman.

In a post on Facebook Swedish journalist Kajsa Ekis Ekman said, “Many commentators have shown sympathy for the man, saying ‘transwomen should not have to shower with men.’ Few realize this is exactly what they are making women do now.”

According to Ekman, the woman was eventually acquitted, however the male continues to use the female facilities, forcing most women to change in locked stalls.

“This is one of the consequences of gender identity legislation based on self-identification,” Ekman said. “Women’s feelings and safety are not deemed important, and our spaces shrink. To raise one’s voice can result in a lawsuit.”

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