Say Goodbye to Religious Freedom

“They are looking to prohibit Christian schools from teaching, promoting, and adhering to the Bible’s teachings with which the LGBTQI+ does not agree.”

Has the Australian Government and news media gone completely insane? The government is actively seeking to stop religious organisations from upholding their religious convictions.

They are looking to prohibit Christian schools from teaching, promoting, and adhering to the Bible’s teachings with which the LGBTQI+ does not agree.

The ABC has come out with a “hit piece” about the Presbyterian Church of Australia in regard to her many private Christian schools which are a part of a denomination that upholds centuries-old established Christian teaching on ethics and morality, i.e. sexual promiscuity, homosexuality.

I find it painfully ironic that they are coming after schools that for the most part take a very soft line on LGBTQI+ issues.

Rev. Dr. John McClean made a submission in response to the Religious Educational Institutions and Anti-Discrimination Laws Consultation Paper on behalf of the Presbyterian church and in Dr. McClean’s usual style he used winsome and moderate language and held a rather soft, yet clear line.

“If this student were in an active same-sex relationship, they would not be able to give appropriate Christian leadership in a Christian school which requires modelling Christian living.” Perhaps guarding against perceived homosexual discrimination he went on to say, “This would also be the case for a student in a sexually active unmarried heterosexual relationship.”

Well, this got the ABC into a frenzy! How dare a minister in a Christian church have the audacity to imply sexual promiscuity is not modelling Christian living. (Enter eye roll from every Australian citizen with two cents between their ears.)

But here is the part of Dr. McClean’s submission that should get you into a frenzy, “Our schools [Christian schools] do not refuse or terminate enrolment for students on the basis of sexual orientation,” and he openly admits that Presbyterian schools do not seek to “select or exclude staff simply based on their sexual orientation, marital status or gender identity.”

Seriously, did you know that Presbyterian “Christian” schools do not require staff to uphold Christian doctrine in their lives as it relates to sexuality or gender identity?

Confirming this position Rev Mark Chew of the Presbyterian Ladies College in Melbourne, sent a letter out to their community with what would seem to be a distancing, contradictory, and obfuscating message “[PLC] is strongly committed to its Christian ethos” but…. “every student is nurtured and encouraged to serve and take on positions of leadership without discrimination as to where they are in their personal journey.”

More pandering and winsomeness.

It should not surprise anyone that Matilda Alexander from the Queensland LGBTI+ Legal Service labelled the church’s submission as “dangerous” and breaching “human rights.”

I hope you don’t want anything like “fairness” and “freedom” to have any place in her mind. Her primary goal is for every person, place, and thing to cry out the glory and wonder of homosexuality.

The LGBTQI+ ideologues and activists, which might now include the Australian government and has long since included the ABC, are not content with merely polluting public schools they are out to eradicate all biblical theology and ethics from Christian schools and Christian children and replace it with their unnatural and sinful sexuality and gender confusion.

Like the Ammonite enemies of Israel in 1 Samuel 11, the Wokeites will only make a covenant of peace with Christians on condition we gauge out our right eyes. Only after we have gauged out all the distinctive truth that separates us from this wicked and adulterous generation are we allowed to exist under their domination.

Peaceable responses to this mob will not appease them, they demand complete surrender. Schools are soft targets, the ultimate prize is to topple the church.

I would agree with Ms. Alexander when she says, “No matter what your religion, race, sexuality, gender identity or disability, students have the right to feel safe in schools.” So what about the Christian children who submit to the teachings of the Bible—Are they safe anymore?

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