Lawmakers push to make Tide Pods less appetizing

Well, it’s 2018. The current year! And both teenagers and adults are eating Tide Pods. According to the American Association of Poison Control Centres (AAPCC), more than 80 calls were made concerning teens intentionally ingesting the laundry detergent in the first three weeks of 2018. In a press release, the AAPCC warned: “We cannot stress enough how dangerous this is to the health of individuals–it can lead to seizure, pulmonary edema, respiratory arrest, coma, and even death.”

Thankfully, lawmakers are coming to the rescue after identifying the real issue: “Bright colored detergent pods look like candy.”

They might as well say ‘bite me’ on them, because that is what they offer… You don’t need them to look like Gummi Bears in order for consumers to use them.

News story below.

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