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Karl Stefanovic accuses Israel Folau of provocation and persecution: ‘Show a little more compassion and love, as the Bible teaches’

On Monday, rugby player, Israel Folau shared a video on Twitter featuring a 10-minute excerpt of a sermon preached by the late David Wilkerson. The message was based on Hebrews 3:15 which reads, “As it is said, ‘Today, if you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts as in the rebellion.'”

On Wednesday, Today Show host, Karl Stefanovic, slammed Folau for not showing “compassion and love as the Bible teaches.” He also accused Folau of provocation and persecution.

When he posted that video yesterday, I think it went from a man responding to a question about his beliefs to provocation and even persecution.

Once again we see, as R.C. Sproul Jr. warned, “tolerance was never the goal, approval is. We who give the former but not the latter will not be tolerated.”

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