Samoans in Quarantine Go Viral With Impromptu Version of ‘How Great Is Our God’

The best thing you’ll see all day.

A group of Samoan Christians Hotel quarantining in Australia took to their balconies performing a Somaon hymn and an acapella version of Chris Tomlin’s, ‘How Great is Our God.’ 

ABC Hobart, tweeted a video of the event which was recorded on Sunday, saying, “How beautiful is this?!”

The group comprised of Samoans and Fijians are part of 200 seasonal workers just finishing two weeks quarantine in Hobart, before heading to work on farms around the country.

According to the NZ Herald, a “mystery musician inspired the spontaneous’ Sunday worship session. The ‘wall of sound’ drew respect from onlookers with TikTok user, Hemal Dangar who recorded one of the viral videos, writing, ‘This would’ve definitely brought high spirits for these guests.”

Sky News’ Paul Murray called the performance the “best thing he’s seen all day.”

He then said:

“If you’re watching, we’re glad you’re here; can’t wait for you to be able to get to work and send some money home to make sure your families are taken care of. Just like all the families in this country that need to be taken care of; and why we fight so hard against the idiocy of some of the extreme elements of these lockdowns.”

Light of the Nations, Pastor Dennie Memea Teniseli told the ABC that many “missed worshipping. Singing gives them a bit of belief and encouragement.”

TV1 Samoa reported that Teniseli has been “conducting daily services via zoom; social distancing from the main road outside the quarantine hotel.”

Pastor Teniseli had tried to organise a repeat performance of the Sunday chorus, but health bureaucrats shut him down.

Tasmanian Police Sargeant Chris Hay, part of the CCP-19 police presence at the Hotel, defended the decision, citing “tests pending, and the risks involved whilst that was occurring.”

Teniseli responded, saying “I apologise if I’ve caused any issues; it’s unfortunate.”

A conciliatory Sargeant Hay also told the ABC: “it would be fantastic” for Tenicelli to be able to repeat the performance once the quarantine was over.

The impromptu worship appears to have been a breach of Tasmania’s CCP-13 COVID restrictions, which make it illegal for individuals to leave their rooms.

Whether or not the spontaneous Sunday choir was by definition, a breach of the excessive lockdown totalitarian decrees from health bureaucrats depends on whether the definition of hotel room includes the balcony.

Reuters revealed that the workers are in Australia as part of the government’s response to labour shortages.

Their bold show of thanksgiving is an affront to a portion of Australia’s church leaders. Many of whom appear happy to submit the pulpit and pew to excessive government decrees, such as gagging churches with mask mandates.

The seasonal workers join Fijian Rugby team, The Kaiviti Silktails, who, in February thanked hotel staff by singing the hymn ‘Mo Ravi Vei Jisu (Put your trust in Jesus).’

To restate Paul Murray, this is the best thing you’ll see all day.

“The Gospel is [indeed] a light in an otherwise dark place.” – Karl Barth, CD 1:2:55

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