Killer Freed After Admitting He Mowed Down Conservative Teenager Over ‘Political Argument’

The middle-aged leftist was drunk at the time of the incident and claimed that the young slain conservative was a “part of a Republican extremist group”.

An American Leftist has been released on a $50k bond mere days after being charged with vehicular homicide of a conservative teen he allegedly described as a “Republican extremist.”

Middle-aged leftist Shannon Brandt was arrested on September 18th after drunkenly running down 18-year-old conservative Cayler Ellingson after a political dispute.

Brandt reportedly told investigators he ran over the conservative teen because he “was threatening him”.

The middle-aged leftist was drunk at the time of the incident and claimed that the young slain conservative was a “part of a Republican extremist group”.

Brandt reportedly requested no bond because he has “a family and a job” and is not a flight risk, Foster County District Court Judge James Hovey set bond at $50,000.

Brandt posted bond Tuesday and is scheduled to return to court on Oct. 11.

Commentators have noted the contrast that after young conservative Kyle Rittenhouse defended himself from a mob of armed leftist rioters, killing two of them, his bail was set at 2 million dollars and those who tried to raise funds for him were harassed by writers for the Guardian and in some cases were even fired.

James Alex Fields, Jr. the driver of the 2017 Charlottesville riots who killed one leftist after driving into a crowd blocking the road which was waving Marxist placards and anarchist flags was denied bail and was sentenced to life in prison plus an additional 419 years.

Leftists killing right-wingers get bail. Right-wingers just get jail.

Despite allegedly murdering exactly as many people as James Fields if found guilty Shannon Brandt will definitely not be receiving life in prison. As the career of Marxist terrorist (and later friend of Barack Obama), William Charles Ayers shows, in the U.S.A leftist terrorists get lifetime tenure, not lifetime jail terms.

Famous centre-right figures such as anti-Antifa journalist, Andy Ngo, and Donald Trump Jr, commented on the case, with others drawing links between the recent vitriolic “blood red backdrop” speech of Joe Biden and the violent death of a young conservative teenager.

No-one on the left will be held accountable for stirring up the hatred that led to this act. No online personalities will be de-platformed. No bank accounts will be closed. No Democratic Party politicians will be asked to denounce it by members of the press.

It’s worthwhile to point out the hypocrisy of the left on political violence not because it convinces anyone on the left to stop (the few on the left who care about the hypocrisy at all still approve of the outcomes), but because it convinces conservatives to stop expecting the left to play by some sort of rules.

They hate you. They hate everyone like you. They might not cheer while their friends murder you but they certainly won’t make much noise about it.

The only reason they aren’t joining in the violent mobs themselves is because they believe that their control over the education system means that they just have to teach your children and grandchildren to hate you and everyone like you while they patiently wait for you to die.

And the worst part is unless something changes, they might be right.

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