Trump Responds to Third “Department of Injustice” Indictment

“Nothing like this has ever happened in America before. They illegally spied on my campaign, attacked me with a totally fake ‘dossier’ funded by the Clinton campaign, and the DNC. Impeached me twice [and lost], and failed on the Mueller Witch Hunt – there was no Russian collusion.”

Sunday night saw Donald Trump hit with a third indictment.

This time Democrats want the former President to appear before a January 6 grand jury, in the hopes they can criminally charge him for “inciting an insurrection.”

Biden Attorney General, Merrick Garland, issued the third arrest request, with Special Counsel, Jack Smith telling Trump in a letter that he is the target of the criminal investigation.

Although President Trump called for the 2020 protests to remain peaceful, he was banned by Social Media companies, who championed the legacy media “insurrection at the capitol” narrative.

The security breach, which saw protestors calmly walk through the capitol building, was later quietly downgraded by the media industry to the more factual term riot.

Notably, there have been no known follow-ups regarding anti-Trump groups infiltrating the crowd, and stoking the incident.

Clearly fed-up with the fine toothcomb nit-picking, Trump responded to episode 3 of the ‘Let’s go Brandon’ circus on Truth Social, saying, “They only gave me four days to report before the grand jury, which always an arrest and indictment.

“Garland, together with Joe Biden’s Department of Injustice, have effectively issued a third indictment and arrest of Joe Biden’s number one political opponent.

“Nothing like this has ever happened in America before. They illegally spied on my campaign, attacked me with a totally fake ‘dossier’ funded by the Clinton campaign, and the DNC. Impeached me twice [and lost], and failed on the Mueller Witch Hunt – there was no Russian collusion,” Trump argued.

He then cited the FBI’s collusion with then left-wing-owned Twitter, the DOJ, Facebook, and censorship.

Trump added that there’s a possible fourth indictment heading his way from Atlanta, with the DOJ, and Soros-funded D.A.’s coordinating, what is, a political offensive to interfere in the 2024 election.

“This witch hunt is all about election interference. It’s a complete and total political weaponization of law enforcement. A very sad, and dark day for our Nation!” he continued.

Sympathy for the former President is building.

Co-founder, and CEO of The Federalist, Sean Davis, contrasted the DOJ’s one-eyed mistreatment of Trump, with the DOJ’s blind-eye free ride for Hunter Biden, tweeting,

“Kind of crazy to think, had [Trump] illegally bought a gun, lied on the background check form, laundered money, evaded taxes, accepted bribes from foreign oligarchs, and smuggled cocaine into the WH, DOJ would’ve looked the other way.

“Instead, [Trump’s being harassed for telling] people to protest peacefully.”

Hashtag: what the heck?

Likewise, Trump’s chief 2024 contender, Ron DeSantis defended the former President.

He told CNN, who clearly were drooling at the potential the sight of blood, “This country is going down the road of criminalizing political differences. I think that is wrong.”

“Alvin Bragg stretched a statute in Manhattan to target Donald Trump. Even people on the left acknowledge that wasn’t Trump, that case would not have likely been brought against a normal civilian,” he observed.

DeSantis then said, if elected his first move will be to reform the DOJ, and FBI because,

“The Department of Justice, [and] FBI, have been weaponized against people they don’t like.”

“The number one example of that happened to be against Donald Trump with the Russia collusion. That was not a legitimate investigation. That was being done to try to drive Trump out of office.”

The Republican talking point – and rightly so – is the ‘far-left’s unAmerican weaponization of the justice system.’

House Republican Conference Chair, Elise Stefanik’s official response scolded Team Biden’s ongoing political persecution of Trump.

Stefanik described the Woke White House’s actions as another ‘chilling chapter,’ in a series of ‘shameful [political] witch hunts.’

Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy, reiterated the sentiment, saying, “President Trump just increased his lead in the polls. So, what does the Biden Administration do next? Weaponize government to go after President Biden’s number one opponent.”

“This is not equal justice. It’s wrong and the American people are tired of it.”

Republican Congressman, Wesley Hunt added, “What part of [Trump’s Jan. 6] tweets are confusing? Never in American history have we seen the Weaponization of the fed like this to interfere in an election. President Trump will be the nominee.”

The persecution of Trump is political folly.

Alongside the optics working in Trump’s favour, the blind rage driving the Woke White House’s gobsmackingly dumb partisan manoeuvres is reinforcing grassroots support for the 2024 hopeful.

By the law of unintended consequences Death to America Democrats are ensuring a Trump nomination. All but securing his 2024 re-election.

If there is any method to their madness, it could be that never-Trump Democrats are pushing for a pyrrhic political victory.

Knowing 2024 is unwinnable, political hawks in the activist Biden administration appear to be committing political kamikaze.

Collateral damage be damned, as long as Trump is punished for Hilary’s embarrassing defeat in 2016.

They look like Clancy’s Captain Tupolev, whose fanatical obsession with sinking Ramius’ Red October, ends up sinking his own ship, and crew.

Such is the programmed, pathological intensity of Trump-hating hubris.

For Team “Let’s Go, Brandon,” making the former President unelectable is a win.

They don’t seem to care who, or what gets destroyed in the process.

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