Anti-Trump Group Admits They Helped Storm the Capitol, Infiltrators Not Real MAGA Supporters

The leader of an anti-Trump group has admitted involvement in the storming of the Capitol on January 6, saying although the group is largely opposed to President Trump, they embraced the moment to strike against the government.

The leader of an anti-Trump group has admitted involvement in the storming of the Capitol on January 6, saying although the group is largely opposed to President Trump, they embraced the moment to strike against the government.

In a January 8 interview with Reuters, Mike Dunn, “of the ‘Boogaloo’ anti-government movement, whose adherents anticipate a revolution toppling the federal government or a second U.S. civil war,” said three or four groups of loyalists under his command helped storm the Capitol in hopes that it would trigger more action in the months ahead.

Although the mainstream media portrays the Boogaloo Bois as a “right-wing extremist organization,” the group aligns itself with the left-wing activist group Black Lives Matter as well as anarchist principles of government, Life Site News reports.

In news articles describing the group as “MAGA protesters,” members can be seen waving LGBTQ flags, Trans flags, and sporting Black Lives Matter apparel.

Members of the ‘Boogaloo Bois’ group seen outside the Michigan State Capitol in Lansing, Michigan, on Sunday.

The Gateway Pundit also revealed that Dunn was spotted last Saturday in front of the VA State Capitol holding a firearm and providing security for Black Lives Matter protesters “despite newly enacted legislation that bans guns at the Capitol and legislative office building.”

Source: Facebook

Following the Capitol protest, Dunn made a series of admissions on Twitter about his group’s involvement, before the platform suspended his account. The Gateway Pundit, however, was able to obtain Dunn’s archived tweets.

On January 6, Dunn tweeted that the ‘Boogaloo Bois’ had teams inside and outside the Capitol, saying: “BB teams have been activated in VA and we currently have 4 fireteams inside capital and 7 more outside. Sic Semper Tyrannis”

According to Dunn, the purpose of the tactical teams was to “revel in the breach of security while mocking the defenses that protect Tyrants… whether that be Trump or others.”

Dunn went on to say: “After Maga and others stormed the capital building in a moment of anger (which was cool)… they retreated to their hotels to comply with the Curfew. We obviously didnt…stayed out roaming the streets until 12.”

A Twitter user then responded to Dunn’s tweet, saying the Trump supporters Dunn claimed to have “stormed the capital building” were actually “infiltrators, not real MAGA.”

Dunn responded: “Yeh we know. ;)”

Dunn later took to Parler where he issued an “official statement” about the group’s involvement in the Capitol protest, admitting there were undercover teams present on the day who “hyped up the people” prior to breaching the building.

“OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Boogaloo Bois associated with the Last Sons of Liberty, played an important part in the breach of the capital. Any moment to be used to throw a middle finger to Tyranny, should be capitalized on. Yesterday, when presented with that moment, undercover bois went to work to hype up people. Working alongside of others (Last Sons not being solely responsible for the events that took place) a breach was made into the building which is rightfully ours to walk in as we please, because our taxes paid for it. The video posted is pieced from several of our bois who provided overwatch, along with direction. This video does not incriminate anyone of ours, and was sent to us anonymously by Last Sons Boogaloo Bois. This is our footage. ~Mike Dunn.”

According to Reuters, Dunn said he did not participate in the Capitol siege himself, but he shared footage on social media that purported to show Boogaloo members fighting with police and forcing their way through barriers outside the building.

The Gateway Pundit went on to call out establishment Republicans and Democrats and the mainstream media for continuing to blame President Trump and his supporters for the riots at the Capitol, while entirely ignoring Reuter’s January 8 interview with Dunn.

Life Site News said Dunn’s admission that the BB used MAGA supporters as a decoy to breach the Capitol is “just one example of how leftist activists have used Trump’s fanbase as a scapegoat for the events of January 6.”

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