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Islam and the Left

What do Islam and the ideological left have in common? The former reviles homosexuality, secularism and amorality. The latter embraces these whilst shunning theocracy and self-determination. It’s an unusual marriage, but one of convenience. Islam needs an enabler to raise its profile in the sympathetic West through the peaceful promotion of its less controversial side, and the left craves for power, hoping the odd marriage with Islam will bolster their voting base.

The Christchurch massacre has been an opportunity for both Islam and the left to exploit the moral superiority they both claim over anyone with conservative values. The outrage over white supremacy has been foisted onto every “right-winger” in their sights, getting collateral damage along the way, such as Chelsea Clinton. The ABC hasn’t wasted time in featuring Muslims expressing their self-righteous anger over the gunman’s heinous act, blaming everyone other than the gunman himself for his twisted eco-fascist pro-communist views, not even vaguely related to conservative attributes.

Fast-forward a mere week, and we have President Erdogan of Turkey claiming the mosque attack in New Zealand was “part of a wider attack on Turkey and evidence of global anti-Muslim sentiment”, even going as far as criticising the ANZACs for their role in Gallipoli and threatening to return anyone who comes to Turkey with anti-Islam sentiment back in coffins. It seems we cannot kowtow enough to send well wishes to our Muslim friends in this difficult time, and we should continually feel ashamed of ourselves until Western cultures have shrivelled into oblivion.

I implore Australians not to consider this matter as a perpetuation of tribalism. I say this not out of ignorance or “fear” of Islam, nor from a position of racial privilege to be blamed for such a stance, for I am of Middle Eastern heritage brought up as a Muslim myself. I call this lucky country of Australia home and am not ashamed to be proud of the freedoms and liberties it has offered me throughout my life. We must soberly consider the social determinants that would negatively impact on the way of life we should preserve in Australia. The civil unrest and disturbances that are already the experience in parts of Europe as a direct result of the marital discord between Islam and the West have to be handled with more scrutiny in Australia. Quibbling over the issues this unholy matrimony brings is counterproductive.

Whether we like it or not, Islam and its adherents are here to stay. So too Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism and Judaism and their believers. However, for us to project special pleading to one group out of an ideological outcome is naive and/or complicit in the left’s quest for political power and self-serving control. If there was any doubt as to whether the Islamic sentiments expressed here that are at odds with democracy concur with adherence to the scriptures, it is highly encouraged to read the Islamic scriptures from the source itself and people can come to their own conclusions.

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