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Iran sentences women’s rights lawyer to 38-years jail and 148 lashes, then the UN appoints Iran to the Women’s Rights Committee

Nasrin Sotoudeh, a renowned human rights lawyer who dedicated her life to defending Iranian women, has been sentenced in Iran to 38-years jail and 148 lashes, according to her husband.

Sotoudeh’s lawyer said, she was arrested in June and charged with spying, spreading propaganda and insulting Iran’s supreme leader.

In 2010 Sotoudeh served half of a six-year sentence after she was convicted of spreading propaganda and conspiring to harm state security.

A day after her sentencing, the United Nations appointed the Islamic Republic of Iran to the UN Women’s rights committee which judges complaints of women’s rights violations.

According to the UN, these violations include: Arbitrary arrests of women; Deaths and torture of women in custody; Violation of the rights of women human rights defenders to freedom of expression and assembly; Impunity for violations of the human rights of women; Stereotypical attitudes towards the role and responsibilities of women; Domestic violence; Forced marriage and marital rape; and Virginity testing, among others.

And we’re still supposed to take the United Nations seriously?

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