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When a nation supports the killing of their own children, the future is bleak

Sometimes I think the abortion debate is like street crime – many people just don’t want to get involved.

Some people seem uneasy with the idea of killing the unborn, but they are unsure about the “grey areas” around restricting the rights of others and “legislating morality”.

Most of us don’t think that way about regular everyday murders, do we? If a dad kills his toddlers, we expect justice to be served. But if the same man coerced his partner to abort them it all becomes OK?

Why is this permissible? Because we have been bombarded with the idea that the unborn are not alive, they are only “potential life.”

The Bible does not support that idea. Read Psalm 139. Science does not support that idea either. The world, the flesh and the devil, however, do support that idea.

If the majority of people in our nation actually support the idea of killing our children – our hope, our future – before they even see the light of day, then that is a very sad state of affairs.

At least let the people of God, the Christians, the people who follow Jesus, speak against this travesty and refuse to take part in it. The first Christians famously rescued the children that the Romans threw off bridges and raised them as their own.

How do we rescue children from abortion? It may be a greater challenge, but we can start by speaking up for those who cannot speak for themselves.

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