DeSantis Ditches Net Zero: Calls Out Catastrophic Climate Agenda

“We’re restoring sanity in our approach to energy and rejecting the agenda of the radical green zealots.”

Florida will be free of foreign influence because it is negating Net Zero.

Ron DeSantis announced he’s steering the state away from Environmental, Social Governance (ESG) – a hard left ideology that weakens energy reliability, and encourages government dependency.

Part of this is the rejection of “the radical climate agenda and promotion of foreign adversaries.”

Consistent with this pro-freedom position – held since he battled Biden’s bureaucratic bullies over COVID mandates – DeSantis said, “The legislation will keep windmills off our beaches, gas in our tanks, and China out of our state.”

Relaying the move in another post on X, he added, “We’re restoring sanity in our approach to energy and rejecting the agenda of the radical green zealots.

“Furthermore, we’re going to ensure foreign adversaries like China have no foothold in our state” – such as denying foreign ownership of farmland.

Predictably, as per the Associated Press, DeSantis’ critics were quick to accuse him of “ignoring the climate crisis,” and putting Floridians in immediate danger.

Such as ignoring threats to Florida based on “projections of rising seas, extreme heat, flooding and increasingly severe storms.”

Catastrophising activist NGO, Cleo Institute told AP, “This purposeful act of cognitive dissonance is proof that the governor and state Legislature are not acting in the best interests of Floridians, but rather to protect profits for the fossil fuel industry.”

Slotted inside two bills, HB 1645, and HB 7071, the new legalisation removes ESG language, and further subdues far-left activism within the Florida state government’s ranks.

HB 1645 “eliminates requirements that conform to a Florida Climate-Friendly Preferred Products List.”

It also eliminates requirements that state agencies only use facilities that meet an eco-credentialed credit score.

The 38-page bill leans towards advanced nuclear power “to meet the electrical power needs of the state.”

As well as hydrogen.

DeSantis is also damage-proofing Florida’s heavy reliance on natural gas, and reduce “reliance on foreign energy resources.” (p.21)

HB 7071, 2024 appears to put significant limitations – if not a complete prohibition – on the Communist Chinese Party holding land, or businesses in Florida.

This law also requires state agencies to make investments for financial, not ideological reasons. Such as “investing” in “green” initiatives promoted, owned, or produced by the CCP.

These moves bolster necessary, controversial 2023 policies stopping Chinese citizens from buying land in Florida – unless they have dual citizenship between China and the U.S.

DeSantis signed SB 246, 2023 “Stop CPP influence” into law, saying “We don’t want the CCP in the sunshine state. We want to maintain this as the free state of Florida.”

The man who consistently condemned COVID-Zero is doing the same to its Carbon-Zero cousin.

His consistency is quantifiable.

DeSantis is one, if not the only leader in the free world calling out Communism, and the catastrophic climate agenda, in much the same way he called out COVID authoritarianism.

Donald Trump deserves 2024.

2028 belongs to RDS.

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