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Convicted serial rapist and grooming gang ringleader offered parental rights and a chance to see his victim’s son.

A grooming gang rape victim has spoken out after her jailed rapist was given the chance to see his victim’s child.

Sammy Woodhouse was abused and raped as a child by one of Rotherham’s grooming gangs. Now, according to The Times, Rotherham council has invited Woodhouse’s jailed rapist to seek access to her son.

“Arshid Hussain, a serial rapist and the ringleader of a child-grooming gang, had no parental responsibility for the child but social workers contacted him in prison to give him the chance to stake a claim in the boy’s future,” The Times reported.

Woodhouse posted a video on Twitter on Wednesday calling on new laws to ensure no rapist will ever have access to a child conceived through rape or abuse. “People, women and children are being put at direct risk,” Woodhouse warned.


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