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Church invites visitors to use the restroom they feel most comfortable with.

A United Methodist Church in Ellensburg, Washington has installed a sign inviting visitors to use the restroom they “feel most comfortable” with, because they don’t “discriminate.”

A note from “pastor” Jen Stuart reads: “Here at [Ellensburg United Methodist Church] we do not discriminate. So please, use whatever restroom you feel most comfortable. (Just please wash your hands).”

“Jeremiah has a message for Ellensburg United Methodist Church in Washington state,” Ken Ham from Answers in Genesis tweeted. “‘Learn not the way of the heathen…’ (Jeremiah 10:2).”

“You (the church) are here to influence the world, not the pagan world to influence you,” Ham added.

How long until they start installing urinals in women’s restrooms? That is where all this is seemingly headed.

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