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What Happens When Google Disagrees With You? James Damore’s Story

James Damore, was the senior software engineer at Google. That is, until he was fired for doing, what he now describes as, the unforgivable. Damore’s actions were considered so controversial that the incident remained headline news for days. If by chance, you’re not familiar with Damore’s dismissal, you might be wondering what injustice he had been committed to warrant such a response. In his own words:

“My crime: I wrote an internal document, that among other things, suggested that men and women, on average, are different. Like I told you, unforgivable.”

Yes, that is exactly as ridiculous as it sounds. The progressive viewpoint, which is dominant at Google, is that “all disparities in society are due to injustices,” like sexism. Damore’s research indicated otherwise, suggesting “at least some of the differences may be attributed to men and women having different goals for their careers and their lives.” Damore had crossed the line. He’d forgotten, as Doug Wilson put it, that “diversity” has two fundamental tenets:

1. Absolute commitment to free speech.
2. Shut up.

James shares his story in the following video:

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