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Sydney LGBTQ Pride event scraps lesbian YouTuber for saying it’s not “transphobic” to prefer women without a penis

The Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras (SGLM) have scrapped an event featuring lesbian YouTuber, Arielle Scarcella, for suggesting it’s not “transphobic” to prefer women without male genitals.

Ms Scarcella, who runs an LGBT-centered YouTube channel with over 630,000 subscribers, was scheduled to participate in a panel discussion on February 27 organised by Les-Talk.

However, the event was removed after trans-activists created an online petition calling on the organisers to “boycott” Ms Scarcella over her “transphobic” views.

In 2018, the 33-year-old YouTuber sparked backlash after creating a video entitled, “Dear Trans Women, Stop Pushing ‘Girl D*ck’ On Lesbians”. In the 5-minute video, Ms Scarcella argued that it’s not “transphobic” for lesbians to “not want anything male in their sex lives.”

Arielle Scarcella

According to Pink News, Ms Scarcella’s video led to “several top lesbian media outlets publishing an open letter in condemnation of ‘vitriolic attacks’ on trans women.”

The petition, which attracted just over 1,300 signatures, called on event organisers to withdraw Ms Scarcella, publicly commit to zero tolerance of transphobia, and apologise to transgender, nonbinary and gender diverse people.

SGLM confirmed the cancellation in a tweet on Monday, saying, “We have been in touch with the event organiser and have now removed it from our Festival listings.”

Ms Scarcella responded on Twitter, saying, “You took the ONE lesbian / female focused event down because a bunch of cry babies complained that they don’t like a woman’s (my) opinion?”

The following day Ms Scarcella asked her followers to “come together to show how intolerant the ‘woke left’ are.

“Please RT if you’ve been called transphobic / TERF [Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist] and are trans, yourself,” she tweeted.

“RT if you’ve been outcast and silenced, as a trans person for having a different opinion. Apparently you’re the #WrongKindOfTrans.”

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