United Kingdom

Video Shows Visitors Forced to Wait While NHS Nurses Perform for a Tik Tok Video

Video shared on social media allegedly shows visitors inside a UK hospital being forced to wait while NHS nurses perform a dance routine for the video-sharing platform Tik Tok.

“What are they doing?” the woman filming the incident can be heard saying, after noticing hospital staff lined along both sides of a corridor with mops in their hands.

“I’m really curious,” she added.

“That’s why we’ve been waiting so long. They’re going down here with a bunch of mops,” she said.

“They are mugging the system,” another witness said.

“We’ve been in the hospital, what?” the woman filming said. “Is this really happening? Am I really witnessing this?”

“I’ve seen it all now, that’s enough,” the woman said as the staff begin dancing to Usher’s track ‘Yeah!’


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