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Christians will no longer be tolerated: Quoting the Bible puts other people’s lives at risk, says ARLC chairman

The new Australian Rugby League Commission chairman has said he has no tolerance for people like Israel Folau, who put other people’s lives in danger by quoting the Bible.

During an official press conference, ARLC chairman Peter V’landys said he will not welcome Folau back into the game, suggesting publicly expressing a biblical view of sexuality will result in gay-bashings.

This game is inclusive. Israel’s comments are not inclusive. When I was a kid and kids used to get bashed up because they were different, I used to go and defend them. And a lot of them, it’s because their role models or their peers made them that way.

I have no tolerance for people that put other people’s lives (at risk) or (commit) violence. It’s a big statement to make. With due respect to Israel, what he says, young kids listen to. He is a role model. They act on it. And when you’re a kid at school and you get bashed up because you’re different, I don’t think that’s a good thing.

The complete lack of self-awareness here is utterly astounding. These sorts talk about “diversity” and “inclusion” and “tolerance” and yet they’re unwilling to extend that to those who think differently, regardless of how tolerant and inclusive they are.

Did Folau demonstrate intolerance towards others? Did he refuse to play with people who lived a different lifestyle? Did he call for the exclusion of players who don’t share his views? Not at all! He voiced his own opinion, an opinion which his critics, like Peter V’landys, refused to tolerate, an opinion that ultimately had Folau excluded from the game, ending his career.

So, who is guilty of intolerance in this story? Folau for expressing an opinion or his critics for refusing to tolerate his opinion?

Clearly, it’s not a question of “tolerance” anymore. Regardless of how tolerant you are of those with differing lifestyles, if you’re not outwardly approving of everything these ideological tyrants demand, you will not be included, you will not be tolerated.

Despite what they may say, it’s not intolerance or discrimination these sorts oppose. It’s anyone who doesn’t affirm their ideology. And that is a perfect demonstration of intolerance and discrimination in action, not quoting a Bible verse.

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