Motive unknown, but not a terrorist attack police say after immigrant on terror watch list stabs a man, lunges at police with knives

A 25-year-old Afghan immigrant was shot dead by police in Brisbane on Sunday after stabbing a young tourist multiple times in the back and confronting police with two knives.

According to 9 News, Police said they do not know the motive for the stabbing but are not treating the incident as a terrorist attack, despite the man being on a counter-terror watch list.

The victim was walking down Mary Street with a woman at 10am when a man, unknown to the pair, approached and pulled a knife from his bag.

As the couple fled, the attacker chased the man, hitting him in the face and breaking his nose before stabbing him in the back. The woman managed to safely escape to a nearby hotel.

Detective Superintendent Tony Flemming told reporters, “It will be alleged that the male person has confronted police, he has been armed with a knife and police have discharged their firearms.

Dept. Supt Fleming went on to say, “We don’t know the motivation for this attack today but obviously we treat it very seriously.”

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