Burned January 6 Conscientious Objector Calls Out Weaponization of the FBI

“The Special Agent, turned FBI whistle-blower, inferred that he was punished for opposing the ‘FBI’s deviation from normal case-management protocols.’”

Special Agent Stephen Friend was burned by the FBI after refusing to participate in Biden’s Joint Terrorism Taskforce (JTTF) war on Jan.6 non-violent protesters.

In an exclusive interview with Epoch News, Friend said, he saw no justification for deploying such ‘heavily-handed tactics’ against alleged suspects.

After conscientiously objecting to both the FBI ‘going in heavy,’ and falsely turning misdemeanour defendants into domestic terrorists, Friend was suspended.

His alleged crime was arguing against the use-of-force, on grounds the Bureau was ‘going outside case procedure rules,’ in what was to him, ‘a potential breach of due process,’ which is protected by the Sixth Amendment.

Because of these objections, Friend found himself purged.

He was branded a ‘bad team member,’ and told not to ‘report for work the next day.’

After not turning up, Friend was ‘counted as absent without leave (AWOL),’ and then his security clearance was revoked.

To make matters worse, the now unemployed father was not allowed to ‘seek work outside’ the FBI.

Unpacking his experiences for the Epoch Times, the Special Agent, turned FBI whistle-blower, inferred that he was punished for opposing the ‘FBI’s deviation from normal case-management protocols.’

Pointing to the strong possibility the FBI was involved in January 6, one suspect Friend interviewed, said, Capitol Police let him enter the Capitol building.

The J6 suspect didn’t go past the red velvet rope, ‘walked to the Capitol for a few minutes, and exited, taking a free brochure with him.’

Despite this, he has now accumulated legal bills, lost his career, and faced gaol time.

‘Even if the suspect never sits inside a jail; even if he’s never charged with a crime, he’s been punished. That to me is wrong,’ stated Friend.

As reported by Caldron Pool, both during and after the “insurrection at the capitol” mass media meta-narrative imploded, Friend ‘believes the January 6, re-purposing of the FBI,’ was political.

It’s his belief that the FBI’s deviation is being ‘employed to create the illusion that “domestic terrorism” is a much bigger issue than it actually is,’ he asserted.

‘They’ve chosen to open hundreds of cases and then spread them around the country, giving the impression that domestic terrorism is a nationwide threat, when really the numbers the FBI is touting stem from one incident on one day,’ Friend further explained.

His testimony supports my evidence-based CP assessments that the far-left is hyping up – if not also manufacturing – “a white supremacy crisis” in order to stay morally solvent (see here, here, and here).

This isn’t to say vile, aggressive race-based nationalism, and the sin of racism doesn’t exist. It does.

I’m simply pointing out that the marginalisation of a large group of Westerners as ‘racist,’ – or domestic terrorists – warrants evidence, not hearsay from actual racists, such as Western Civ. hating, revisionist Critical Theory politicians or professors.

As Friend concluded, ‘The FBI is supposed to stand for law and order, but instead, we’re raising the temperature.’

He told Epoch, the FBI is contributing to partisan divisions in the United States, ‘by making the rest of the country think that half of its citizens are domestic terrorists.’ 

No one is going to sit down to discuss opposing viewpoints with their neighbour, if they ‘think their neighbour is a member of the Taliban, Friend declared.

Friend’s book, True Blue: My Journey from Beat Cop to Suspended FBI Whistleblower, is set for release in July, pending FBI demands that he redact 36 pages.

The well-informed on the subject will be able to see how the dots between Friend’s explosive testimonials, and the FBI raids on President Trump, Pro-lifers like father of seven, Mark Houck, all join together.

There is a pattern of abuse. The bread trail leads all the way back to before President Joe Biden’s coronation in 2020.

The ‘get Trump at all costs’ bulldozer – because Hilary lost – campaign (which is still in play) has no regard for collateral damage.

All the evidence, from 2016 onwards, and up to Biden’s “anyone not a Democrat is a domestic terrorist” implications from his so-called, “unity” speech in 2022, corroborates Friend’s experience.

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