Christensen Condemns Police for Shooting Civilians Protesting for Freedom

“We demand that our freedoms be restored and I demand that peaceful protesters patriotic freedom-loving men and women never ever be fired upon in this country ever again.”

By George, he’s done it again.

In another brief speech to the Australian parliament, George Christensen called for an end to the state-sanctioned massacre of civil liberties and classical liberal freedoms.

On Monday, the Australian Nationals MP took the electorate to their elected representatives demanding an end to lockdowns, curfews, mask mandates, state border closures, and Quick Response code check-ins.

Christensen also condemned Victorian Police for shooting rubber bullets at protesters attending a peaceful freedom rally over the weekend.

This is the second morale-building speech to buck against the sluggish “yes, sir, no sir, three bags full sir,” COVID-19 political trend.

His protests to parliament appear to be getting through.

Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison echoed Christensen in a press conference on Tuesday.

Announcing a shift in governmental approaches to the CCP-19 virus, Morrison restated Christensen, telling reporters that Australians will have “to learn to live with the virus, not live in fear of the virus.

Morrison added that lockdowns hurt, and need to end as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, the solidarity seems to have ended there.

The Prime Minister remained steadfast in his sales pitch for COVAXX jabs.

No longer clinging to impossible, arrogant, and suicidal “COVID Zero” targets, he still “encouraged” Australians to get the jab, skip the fine print, and sign the damn contract!

These are questionable jabs that come without compensation, should those jabs prove to be more harmful, than helpful, to the healthy people being told to take them.

In a clear middle finger to protesters, Morrison also failed to back Christensen’s condemnation of the Victorian police for firing rubber bullets into peacefully gathered Australian citizens.

What Morrison should have said right off the bat was that he hears the concerns of freedom protesters.

Instead, he gave a lecture, and vague, manipulative commentary like a coach paid to sell the latest big pharma drugs to his athletes.

Sadly, Morrison’s Prime Ministership continues to be marred by his use of the Prime Minister’s office as an administrator, not that of a statesman.

Morrison’s tiring and convoluted, paternal patronising of the Australian people is a stark contrast to Christensen’s bluntness.

If punk-rock was protest, political punk-rock is on the rise, and Christensen is one of its front-men.

His new speech is rockstar-level material.


We swear by the southern cross to stand truly by each other and fight to defend our rights and liberties.

That is the digger’s oath. The oath taken by Australians in the gold mining town of Ballarat, before they took a fateful stand against tyranny – and what we now know as The Eureka Stockade, or The Eureka Rebellion.

This past weekend men and women across this country took another stand against tyranny and just like at eureka the authorities disgracefully responded with guns and Australians were fired upon so for them and many others across this nation i want to say I stand truly by them to fight and defend their rights and liberties.

We have had enough of all of the restrictions the restrictions haven’t stopped the virus and they won’t stop the virus.

Australia will have to live with COVID-19, rather than in constant fear of it.

We the people want our freedom back.

We demand that there be no more lockdowns.

We demand that there be no more curfews.

We demand that there be no more mass mandates.

We demand that there be no more state border closures.

We demand that there be no more privacy invasion with mandatory QR code check-ins.

We demand that there be no more discrimination between vaccinated and unvaccinated Australians.

We demand that our freedoms be restored and I demand that peaceful protesters patriotic freedom-loving men and women never ever be fired upon in this country ever again.

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