Australian Christian Author Faces Court Over COVID Mandates

“The absence of remorse from churches for blindly going along with the government, as if it never gets anything wrong, was shameful, he stated.”

Coffs Harbour-based author, Steve Forkin, faces court again on May 8 for Covid-related “offenses.”

The Christian apologist was charged by Coffs Harbour police in 2020 after being arrested for helping a Jewish friend.

Forkin, 60, told Caldron Pool, he was out walking when he noticed a disproportionate number of police gathered at a park.

Curious, he stopped to ask about their heavy presence.

After a friendly exchange, Forkin said he started to leave when he noticed five officers seemingly harassing a slow-walking Jewish lady drinking coffee.

Connected to the Jewish community through his own Jewish ancestry, Forkin soon realised this was someone he knew.

Concerned about other examples of overreach, Forkin recalled walking up to her, only to have the police turn on him.

They wanted her papers and identification.

Further attempts by police to force the “papers please” medical authoritarianism, caused the intimidated Jewish lady to drop her coffee.

Forkin said, as a reflex, he got down to pick up the lid.

Police responded by throwing him to the ground.

They then fined the lady, and let her go.

Forkin was detained inside a paddy wagon for 45 minutes.

Body camera footage obtained by a lawyer – connected to Rebel News’ Avi Yemini – revealed officers deliberating on what to charge Forkin with.

That footage (published by Yemini) took two years, and three court appearances to secure.

Court proceedings additionally revealed the police presence on the day was a response to information received from an informant.

Keen COVID “Karens” had forewarned Coffs Harbour police about a pending – non-existent pro-freedom protest – scheduled to take place at the park.

Forkin was eventually charged with “assaulting/hindering” a police officer, interfering in police work, and attending an illegal gathering – in other words, “breaching COVID public health order restrictions.”

His May 8 court appearance will determine whether the Christian apologist is guilty of the latter.

The criminal offense has since been dropped, due to a key material witness – a former police officer – being no longer available.

Speaking with Caldron Pool, Forkin said he was hopeful of a not-guilty win and will appeal if the magistrate rules in favour of the lockdown lunacy.

The arrest, while distressing, wasn’t the worst part, he added.

Elders, acting on the information he shared with his pastor, decided to remove Forkin from all leadership positions in his church.

There was no due process, consultation, or consideration for the context of events leading up to his arrest.

The elders simply decided he was in the wrong.

Even though he’s wrestled with a sense of deep betrayal, rather than cause division, Forkin said he’s stuck with the church.

The absence of remorse from churches for blindly going along with the government, as if it never gets anything wrong, was shameful, he stated.

Notably, Forkin was an early supporter of the government’s response to COVID-19.

This turned to scepticism, when “two weeks to flatten the curve” turned into totalitarianism.

Expressing frustration at the lack of self-reflection, Forking concluded it’s disappointing to see Australia’s churches sweeping their participation in medical authoritarianism under the carpet.

Churches are essential, and yet many misapplied Romans 13 to justify forced closures, while bottle shops, brothels, and Bunnings remained open.

This frustration informs Forkin’s excellent self-published book, ‘State Absolutism, and Christian Resistance: Slaying the Dragon.

You can read the Caldron Pool review here.

Steve can be contacted through his YouTube channel here.

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