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Israel Folau graciously comes to the defence of Magda Szubanski after she accuses him of preaching hate and being out of step with Jesus

Israel Folau has graciously come to the defence of his latest critic Magda Szubanski, urging his followers not to attack her for her criticisms of Folau and Christianity but to continue the debate in love.

“Hey everyone I totally agree with Julia Baird,” Folau tweeted on Sunday, “please stop the anonymous online attacks on Magda Szubanski who has entered this debate very respectfully. She is entitled to express her views – let’s all have this important discussion with love in our hearts.”

Folau was referring to a tweet Baird sent out earlier in the day which read: “Just saw the ugly hate campaign on here against Magda Szubanski. A note for those who support Folau’s desire to protect and assert Christian faith: you cannot preach peace in the language of war. Or love in the language of hate. Jesus said to love your enemies, not troll them.”

Szubanski came under fire after she publicly suggested Folau, and Christians were out of step with Jesus by incorrectly implying Jesus said nothing about homosexuality. Szubanski also accused Folau of “preaching hate,” and said Christians “pick and choose which parts of the Bible suit them.”

While Szubanski’s critiques were nothing but a demonstration of her own theological ignorance, Folau’s response was entirely gracious and worth commending. The issues Szubanski raises have been addressed in two past articles: ‘Myth: Jesus never said anything about homosexuality‘ and ‘Cherry Pickers.’

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