Kirk Cameron Calls Out Scholastic for Pushing Explicit LGBTQ+ Content Onto Kids

“Cameron said Scholastic was behind a flood of material appearing in school libraries, which contained age-inappropriate content.”

Kirk Cameron has accused library legends, Scholastic, of blurring the line between indoctrination and education.

Working alongside newly created book fair alternative and non-profit, Sky Tree Fairs, Cameron said, Scholastic was behind a flood of material appearing in school libraries, which contained age-inappropriate content.

“Ever wondered how all the sexually explicit, morally disgusting, and dangerous books get into our children’s schools, classrooms, and libraries?

Sky Tree Fairs, and I did a deep dive and discovered [that] the real wolf in Grandma’s clothing is, [Scholastic].”

In a bold thread on X, Cameron backed his claims using screenshots and links, of what appears to be LGBTQ+ propaganda marketed as sex education.

Cameron’s first example was the 2022 Scholastic book “Welcome to St. Hell,” which, he said, “glamorized gender transitioning to middle schoolers.”

Another example was the book “Melissa.”

Written by a “Queer,” “defund the police,” Trans-activist, “Melissa” is aimed at the 8-12-year-olds, and blatantly encourages gender dysphoria among boys.

Next on the list was a Scholastic title called, “Rick.”

Targeted at the same age group, the contents feature a “grandfather and grandchild coming out as trans to one another.”

A screenshot shows the grandfather telling the grandchild to keep his cross-dressing fetish a “secret.”

If adults sharing sexual fetishes with kids and telling them to keep it a secret, wasn’t enough of a red flag, consider ‘Scholastic’s, “Heartstopper.”

Cameron said the Brave Books title got rejected for an Ad on Facebook because it depicted “people in explicit or suggestive positions or images that show nudity or cleavage.”

None of these titles are just a glitch in the system, the American actor and homeschooling dad explained.

“Scholastic, has published a list of their 100+ LGBTQIA+ books on their website. (This list is not exhaustive as we found many other LGBTQ-themed books not on it.)”

“Scholastic could once be trusted. This is no longer the case,” he added.

“They’re pushing sexualized and gender-confusing content for minors into schools and libraries.”

Parents who jump without question, when Woke educators say jump, are being hoodwinked, Cameron also inferred.

The Growing Pains actor told The Daily Wire, he was partnering with SkyTree because kids are being taught to self-destruct,

“[They’re] being exposed to sexually explicit, race-infused, and gender-confusing children’s books, while being told this is what it means to be educated, that this is the reason they go to school.”

“These books, published and distributed by Scholastic, are taking children down a path that will eventually destroy them and their families.”

Stepping up as a replacement, SkyTree Book Fairs said, its existence is a “response to parents and librarians who were tired of sifting through books from Scholastic and looking for an alternative.”

“You may be thinking that Scholastic’s LGBTQIA+ books just slip through the cracks, but absent-minded oversight is not the case for Scholastic.

“Just like Disney and Target, Scholastic has bought into woke ideology as its mission for book fairs.”

For an example, look no further than Scholastic’s 2023 LGBTQ+ 12-page, “Read with PRIDE” resources guide for grades K-3.

As is often the case, substance trumps appearances.

Recall how FBI agents forced the agency to mothball its version of LGBTQ+ safetyism, and therapeutic indoctrination in 2021.

Agents slammed forced participation in the movement, via mandated LGBTQ+ “guidance,” compelling LGBTQ+ speak, and “encouraging agents to be LGBTQ+ allies.”

Breaking the news on December 22, former agent, Kyle Seraphin, recounted to the Daily Caller: in-house “reviews were so negative of this training, that the [FBI] just removed it, and didn’t tell anybody.”

Not only were agents told to lie, by enabling an LGBT person’s “preferred identity,” they were told to treat a trans person having their identity affirmed surgically, “like a pregnancy.”

While the Office of Diversity and Inclusion was dormant under Trump, it’s back under Biden.

Writing for the NY Post in May this year, former FBI agent, James A. Gagliano lamented how the agency of Fidelity, Bravery, and Integrity had become the Woke poster-child for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Outright politicisation has destroyed the FBI, Gagliano said.

This all ties in with Kirk Cameron’s exposing of Scholastic in three significant ways.

The company – like every education organisation colonised by the far-left mindset – now seems more occupied with coddling the LGBT, than they are teaching ABCDs.

Backlashes work.

Consult any outdoor survival manual: what looks harmless on the surface, can be harmful underneath.

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