Alberta’s New Premier Abandons Amnesty for C19 Dissenters

“Why am I still under house arrest?”

Alberta’s pro-freedom Premier, Danielle Smith, is facing scrutiny over an apparent backflip on amnesty for so-called lockdown “lawbreakers.”

Elected on an anti-therapeutic totalitarianism platform, with the support of Alberta’s pro-freedom protestors, Smith spooked her supporters by telling a recent press conference, “I’ll leave the justice system to work.”

Her apparent abandonment of voters is related to dishonest criticisms from pro-vax and pro-lockdown political activists who’ve jumped on Smith’s comments to accuse the new Premier of lying.

For example, asserting the importance of judicial independence, while seemingly contradicting herself by insinuating political interference on behalf of voters vilified for protesting the state.

Smith said during the conference on Thursday, “I ask the Justice Department and Crown prosecutors on a regular basis, as new cases come out, ‘Is it in the public interest to pursue and is there a reasonable likelihood of conviction?

In comments to radio talk show host, Wayne Nelson, on Saturday, Smith rolled back that statement, clarifying, “I’ve never called a Crown prosecutor. You’re not allowed to do that as a politician, everyone knows that.”

Smith then added, “I took legal advice when I first got elected to see if there was anything I could do to address issues I’m concerned about, such as the prosecution of those who’d been charged during COVID. I was told the only thing a crown prosecution can consider is whether there is a reasonable likelihood of conviction and whether it’s in the public interest.”

The United Conservative Party Premier said, “I may have used some imprecise language, but my contact with the justice department has always been through the appropriate channels.”

Crown prosecutors backed the Premier’s clarification, writing in a press release, “Our Association is not aware of any case where an elected official has attempted to contact a specific Crown prosecutor to inquire about a prosecution.”

Danielle Smith is also being criticised by pro-freedom protestors frustrated with the new Albertan premier for not being bold enough to declare an amnesty.

Pastor Artur Pawlowskigaoled for defying Canada’s COVID misconduct, expressed dismay with the Premier for not using the opportunity to recommit to an amnesty for those who’ve been persecuted under the previous party’s politically determined “Public Health Orders.”

Using a Jan. 2nd Twitter post to remind the Premier of her promises, the (Soviet-era) Polish-born Canadian Pastor said, “I remember when I learned the motto of this great land: Strong and Free. The idea of being strong and free is dear to my heart because we were hammered under Communism and socialism.

“Are we seeing the repetition of history? Are we seeing the same movie again? Are you okay with that? Are you okay with prisoners sitting in gaol without due process? Denied bail! What happened to innocent until proven guilty?” he added.

Referring to the conditions of his bail, Pawlowski asked, “Why is this Premier refusing to do what this premier promised she was going to do? Why am I still under house arrest?”

Further comments interpreted by Calgary City News interpreted, ‘suggested the Premier would no longer push to have the charges dropped’ against citizens accused of violating COVID-19 government overreach.

Cut through the subjective interpretations, back to Danielle Smith’s own assertions, the Premier’s ability to issue an amnesty is evidently bogged down by the bureaucratic caste, a hostile left-wing media, rookie mistakes on camera, and Smith’s own concerns about bringing disrepute on the office she holds.

The pro-freedom Premier is saying she is powerless to stop a therapeutic totalitarian government’s political persecution of dissenting Albertan citizens.

This raises questions about her pre-election sincerity. The “out of my hands” cop-out also brings a cloud over whether or not Smith knew about the apparent judicial limitations during the election.

If she did, then her critics in the opposition are right in concluding the Premier has surrounded herself with a web of deceit.

However, a fair conclusion drawn from the facts suggests Smith, as a candidate, promised more than was in her actual power as premier to deliver.

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