Carl Lentz: More in sync with the world, than the Word

When Carl Lentz, “Lead Pastor” of Hillsong Church NYC, was invited onto The View, Joy Behar threw him with a pretty basic question: “So, it’s not a sin in your church to have an abortion?” Easy. She’s throwing underarm! The question is simple, especially for a “pastor.” She’s asking if it’s a sin to murder a child. This is Ten Commandments 101… that is, unless you’re Lentz:

“Umm. That’s the kind of conversation we’d have – finding out your story, where you’re from, what you believe – Yeah, I mean, God’s the judge. People have to live to their convictions. And I think, if I had to tell you— Umm. That’s such a broad question. To me, I’m going higher. I want to sit with somebody and say, what do you believe, umm—”

Behar: “So, it’s not an open and shut case for you?”’

Lentz: “Some people would say it is. I think to me, I’m trying to teach people who Jesus is first. Find out their story. Before I start picking and choosing what I think is sin in your life—I’d like to know your name.”

Their story? Where they’re from? What they believe? I’m sorry, but when does any of that information provide a justifiable context for murdering a child? If Lentz is so intimidated by the world that he can’t call murder a “sin” – well, then that just goes to show what we all sort-of knew already, Lentz is more in sync with the world than with the Word – he’s more in tune with culture than Scripture.

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