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Petition to re-hire director James Gunn approaches 250,000 signatures after he was fired by Disney for making jokes about rape and pedophilia

A petition to re-hire James Gunn has attracted more than 230,000 signatures, after the director of Guardians of the Galaxy was fired by Disney.

Gunn was fired after a number of disturbing rape and pedophilia themed Tweets dating back to 2008-2011 were recently uncovered by commentator Mike Cernovich.

Cernovich shared a number of screenshots on his website, and claimed Gunn “went on a mass-deleting spree… as people uncovered Tweets where he advocated for and seemingly admitted to being a pedophile. He deleted over 10,000 tweets and also took down his personal blog, which told the story of a monkey masturbating on a child.”

Vote and tell us what you think. Should Disney have fired James Gunn for his comments?


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