Christian Bashing Media Mutilates Mike Johnson’s Views on Church and State

“Separation of Church and State,” Johnson said, “was not in the United States Constitution.”

Christian-bashing media outlets have mutilated Mike Johnson’s views on Church and State, accusing him of twisting the truth.

When asked by CNBC’s Squawk Box about how his ardent Christian faith, works alongside the separation of Church and State, Johnson corrected the false dichotomy.

Triggered left-wing activists tried to argue that the new GOP speaker was spreading misinformation in order to undermine LGBTQ+ rights.

Johnson’s comments were part of a mid-November interview with CNBC discussing a potential D.C. shutdown.

During the 20-minute interview, he reaffirmed an earlier, public endorsement of Donald Trump’s 2024 candidacy.

Then [rightly] described the DOJ and Woke DA’s legal proceedings against the former president as lawfare, calling it an unprecedented “persecution” of a political opponent.

When talking about the separation of Church and State he said, “People misunderstand it.”

“The separation of Church and State is a misnomer.”

Contrary to popular opinion, Church and State was not about keeping faith out of the political arena.

The idea was about protecting the church from the abuses of the state.

“Separation of Church and State,” Johnson said, “was not in the United States Constitution.”

Thomas Jefferson used the “phrase” in a letter, telling his reader that the founders did not “want the government to encroach upon the church,” Johnson said.

“[America’s] founders wanted a vibrant expression of faith in the public square because they believed that a general moral consensus and virtue was necessary,” the former lawyer added.

Faith in God, he continued, was considered to be the glue for “this grand experiment in self-governance.”

“We don’t have a King in charge, or a middleman, so we’ve got to keep morality amongst us, for accountability.”

Doing their usual “everyone who doesn’t agree with me is a right-wing domestic terrorist,” the Woke media accused Johnson of twisting facts to suit his faith.

The overreaction was a case of Tu Quoque.

Fresh from anti-Christian attacks on Johnson’s wife, hit-pieces from the Guardian, New York Times, including Yahoo news, hypocritically twisted context, and content to suit their narrative.

“Christian Nationalist speaker bemoans one of the US’s founding principles,” barked the Guardian.

They accused Johnson of “turning conventional wisdom on its head, in an ‘effort to bring Christianity into the centre of American politics.”

The G reasserted Yahoo’s furphy, inferring that Johnson wants “gays bashed,” stating the speaker wanted to “dismantle LGBTQ+ rights.”

Both falsely labelled his former employer, Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) “extremist” without providing proof.

The Guardian and Yahoo framed ADF as an out-of-control far-right group whose entire reason for existence was to “attack those who identify as LGBTQ+.”

When discussing Johnson’s work with ADF, Yahoo used “Christian speech” instead of “free speech,” and claimed he was “chipping away at the [real intent of a] separation between Church and State.”

Breaking with the Woke bandwagon, NBC backed Johnson.

He’s technically right, Rebecca Shabad argued, the separation of Church and state is not in the constitution.

The assumed connection comes from “legal scholars who say the phrase is a reference to the Establishment Clause in the First Amendment.”   

“For his part,” NBC explained, “Johnson has spent the better part of the last two decades advocating for religious freedom in public schools.”

This includes the government and the public square.

Quoting Johnson, Shabad recounted his time at ADF, saying, he’s been consistent from start to finish.

For the new GOP speaker, the false dichotomy between Church and State has been deliberately used to censor, and “intimidate public officials, as well as religious people.”

The “Johnson’s wrong,” Woke media meltdown proved him right.

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