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Children aged just nine and eleven become youngest ever to be euthanised.

Two children aged just nine and 11 have become the youngest ever to be euthanised. The children died by lethal injection in Belgium after being diagnosed with cancer.

Belgian law allows for children of any age to choose when they want to die, provided they are suffering from a terminal disease. Parental consent is required, as well as an assessment of their mental capacity to make a voluntary and well-considered decision.

Over at The Spectator, Mark Powell rightly said, “How can a child of nine or eleven make an a ‘voluntary’ and ‘well-considered’ decision about their own life, especially when they are in pain? I have enough trouble even convincing my children to eat a nutritious meal when they are well.”

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Peter van Onselen was right when he wrote in The Weekend Australian recently that there is an even more significant debate than those flowing out of the Super Saturday by-elections that will hit the?

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