Biden on Whether Musk Is a Threat to National Security: “It’s Worth Looking Into”

“Biden’s comments come a month after his administration dismissed reports Musk was under a national security review.”

The United States government’s investigation into Elon Musk now comes with a potential “domestic terrorist” toe-tag.

When asked if the African-American billionaire, “was a threat to national security, and should the U.S investigate his joint acquisition of Twitter with foreign governments?”

Joe Biden chuckled, then responded, “I think that [long pause] Elon Musk’s co-operation, and/or [long pause – looks at notes] technical relationships with other countries, is worthy of being looked at.”

Biden added, “Whether or not he is doing anything inappropriate – I’m not suggesting that – I’m suggesting it’s worth being looked at [mumbles], that’s all I’ll say.”

Though mentioned specifically, the national security concerns relate to one of Musk’s co-owners.

The ‘second biggest investor in Twitter,’ explained The Guardian, – post Musk’s takeover – is Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal.’

Laughably, given the forced-speech over free-speech control leftists had over Twitter, some Democrats are, ironically, concerned, that under Musk, Twitter could be misused by ‘countries trying to control freedom of speech online.’

Adding to the bizarre nature of all this, Biden’s comments come a month after his administration dismissed reports Musk was under a national security review.

Despite these notable footnotes, Biden’s comments signal just how far his woke White House is willing to go in getting what it wants from its investigation of Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, which is, as the optics, and intimidation tactics suggest: one-party rule; absolute power, and absolute control.

In mid-October, the Democrat-run Department of Justice joined the SEC, and the FTC in what looked a lot like a political manoeuvre against a perceived political enemy.

Biden’s joint investigation came about at the same time as ‘George Soros, Clinton, and Obama staffers, as well as European governments,’ campaigned to sink Musk’s US $44-billion-dollar deal.

This time the scope of that investigation seems to have been widened to include Build Back Better Biden’s “anyone not a Democrat is a domestic terrorist” modus operandi.

Buoyed by the successful “vote blue, or vote to end democracy” campaign deployed during the Mid-Terms, Democrats painting Elon Musk – or any perceived political opponent – as a “threat to democracy” is likely considered a safe bet.

The far-left, “death-to-America” Democrat cult will lap up the manipulative narrative, and get drunk on its Kool-Aid, zero questions asked.

Musk is, by all appearances, pro-Democracy. This means, in the eyes of the current leftist hegemony, he’s anti-Democrat.

Like him or loathe him, the billionaire is currently the most visual, and verbal advocate for a classical liberal platform supporting the fair, and free exchange of ideas.

When Musk took the reins of Twitter, the air of optimism was a powerful flashback to the demise of the Soviet’s anti-fascist rampart, The Berlin Wall.

No wonder the wind of change blowing through Twitter is sending chills down the spine of racist anti-racists, and fascist anti-fascists, who were once coddled by Twitter’s newspeak police.

Seeking to clarify Biden’s remarks, the NY Post, said ‘the WH declined to explain them.’

While Biden indited Musk as a potential “domestic terrorist,” the president ‘brushed off inquiries into his own family’s foreign business dealings as “almost comedy.”

The NYP added, ‘Democrats have bemoaned Musk’s Twitter purchase saying that his goal of more free-flowing conversation actually would allow for the spread of misinformation.’

Should the Biden administration, and the obvious face-less backers funding it, succeed in taking down Musk, Twitter would be ripe for the picking.

What government, that has a penchant for authoritarian rule, wouldn’t want complete control over such an widely-used, influential platform?

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