Anti-Musk Feds to Investigate the Billionaire’s Twitter Deal ‘Conduct’

“The buyout also spurred an array of typical tantrums from the Left, with the Daily Mail alleging in May, that ‘George Soros, Clinton, and Obama staffers, as well as European governments,’ were behind a ‘campaign’ to stop Musk’s Twitter deal.”

The latest federal investigation targeting Elon Musk is probably of no surprise to the South African-born billionaire.

Federal authorities from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) took Tesla on in February, alleging “systemic racism,” and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) opened up a case against Musk in May, over what they claimed was a ‘failure to disclose his holdings in Twitter’ on time.

Joining the SEC is Biden’s Department of Justice (DOJ), and a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) investigation into Musk’s acquisition of Twitter for $44 billion.

The buyout also spurred an array of typical tantrums from the Left, with the Daily Mail alleging in May, that ‘George Soros, Clinton, and Obama staffers, as well as European governments,’ were behind a ‘campaign’ to stop Musk’s Twitter deal.

As recalled by the Daily Mail, ‘twenty-six NGOs and advocacy groups signed a letter’ demanding advertisers abandon Twitter in solidarity with ‘marginalized communities,’ in order to stop Musk’s takeover of the social media platform.

Some of those organisations included, LGBTQ+ activist group GLAAD, the pro-abortion Women’s March organisation, and Black Lives Matter Inc.

The melodramatic letter accused Musk of ‘providing a megaphone to extremists, of turning Twitter into a cesspool of misinformation, endangering “marginalised” communities,’ and stated the buyout would ‘create a tear in the fabric of democracy.’ (PDF)

In addition to all this, the Biden administration’s ongoing beef with the Space X founder is no state secret.

Biden left Tesla out of key electric vehicle finance deals, allegedly because Musk refuses to unionise.

A topic much discussed in March this year:

Musk, who leans left, has persistently claimed he sits in the political centre.

In spite of these assertions, and reassurances, there has been no reduction in the level of animosity thrown his way by the “guillotine them first, maybe ask questions later,” left.

The latest investigation into his ‘conduct over the attempted Twitter acquisition’ looks about as legitimate as Eddie Lizzard’s preferred pronouns.

This is validated by reports from the NY Post discussing Twitter’s own lawsuits against Musk, and how they might end.

Other than standard procedure regarding accountability monitoring of corporate mergers and buy-outs, why does Twitter need back-up from Joe Biden?

The woke war on the West sees Musk as an adversary, not an ally.

Serving to show that no matter how winsome a person tries to be, the left devours its own.

Regardless of how the Twitter deal lands, the Telsa boss faces a litigation firestorm, backed by the type of cancel culture lawfare used against former U.S President Donald Trump.

All that’s missing here is an FBI raid, a January 6 kangaroo court, and countless articles from the hegemonic left’s propaganda machine justifying the assault.

Musk’s re-acquaintance with this level of politically fuelled litigation comes the same week Democrat, Tulsi Gabbard, renounced her 20-year association with the party.

Gabbard quit the Democrats, accusing the party of being “under the complete control of an elitist cabal of warmongers.”

In a 28-minute video, the Army veteran said her departure – among other things – was triggered by “the weaponizing of the National Security State to go after political opponents,” FBI raids on pro-lifers, erasure of women, open borders, demonisation of the police, forced speech, and policing thought.

Her two main reasons for quitting were the Democrat’s flirtation with nuclear war, and the Biden administration’s false narrative, inferring that “anyone, not a Democrat, is to be viewed as a domestic terrorist.”

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