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Pastor Who Urged Readers Not to Sign “Divisive” Ezekiel Declaration Will Exclude Unvaccinated From Worship Gatherings

If the church were to take a bold stand on this matter of vaccine certificates, it would undoubtedly involve some degree of confrontation with the world. In Daniel’s case, non-compliance was a death sentence, but not even the prospect of being mauled by lions reduced him to rationalising why it might be more spiritual to pray in his prayer closet, and that, with the windows closed.

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Vaccine Passports for Worship Place Members Under Church Discipline for Illegitimate Reasons

“In the end, to ban healthy believers from public worship for any reason other than unrepentant sin, including those based on whatever arbitrary medical treatments the government deems necessary at any particular time of the day, is to ultimately exchange the gracious staff of the Great Shepherd for the often cruel and unforgiving rod of Caesar.”