As the Church Goes, so Goes the Health System?

“If church leaders could deny the unvaccinated care for their eternal souls, then why wouldn’t the health system also deny the unvaccinated care for their earthly bodies?”

Dazelle Peters, the 17-year-old Leukemia-sufferer who was denied a life-saving lung transplant after refusing to receive four Covid vaccines, has died.

According to reports, the Sydney hospital treating Dazelle said her lack of Covid vaccination was a factor in her not being put on the lung transplant waiting list.

A hospital spokesperson told the Daily Mail their “policies and guidelines wouldn’t support transplantation” of an unvaccinated person.

The outlet reported that Dazelle’s father had claimed a doctor at the hospital told his daughter that if she did not get the vaccines and then caught Covid, she would be a “major threat to everyone who has done the right thing.”

Dazelle’s grieving father announced his daughter’s passing on social media this week, saying, “You taught us all so much and I’m blessed and grateful I had the pleasure of being your Papa.”

Understandably, news of Dazelle’s death has sparked outrage on social media. For many of us, it’s unimaginable that in a country like Australia, a young girl can be denied a necessary medical treatment for refusing to consent to an unnecessary medical treatment.

How did we get to this point?

Well, it wasn’t without warning. Caldron Pool readers will know we’ve been banging on about this since 2020 when Qantas first announced plans to ban unvaccinated people from their airline.

At the time, we correctly noted that these morally bankrupt measures would begin with travelling on aeroplanes, they would end with trying to buy bread. Or in this case, trying to secure a necessary lung transplant for a 17-year-old girl.

Of course, we were dismissed as “conspiracy theorists” by those who lacked basic foresight and a rudimentary knowledge of history, but as we’ve often noted, yesterday’s conspiracy theories are often today’s news headlines.

Four short years later, and here we are.

So, where are our public church leaders in all of this? Where is “society’s moral guide” when the world can’t define right from wrong? They’re silent, and their silence is deafening.

But that’s not because the Bible has nothing to say on the matter–it does. The truth is, mainline denominations are silent because they were entirely complicit with the program from the outset. Their unquestioning obedience throughout the “pandemic” was a moral stamp of approval from those claiming to represent the will of God.

When churches adopted the state’s cruel practice of segregating the “unvaccinated” from the “vaccinated,” rather than the biblical practice of separating the sick from the healthy (Lev. 13:45, 46), they gave their moral approval to every other institution and area of life that enforced the same ungodly and abusive measures on healthy people.

It was wicked, and the wickedness of it only becomes more evident when consistently applied to other areas of society, such as health care.

When church leaders agreed that public worship was “non-essential,” and that they did not need to properly tend to the care of the eternal souls of the unvaccinated until the state government said otherwise, the world was listening.

When church leaders said it was reasonable to limit worship service access to the vaccinated only, the world was listening.

When church leaders condemned the Ezekiel Declaration’s near-prophetic warnings against vaccine-based segregation, the world was listening.

When church leaders said it was an act of Christian love to prohibit the unvaccinated from accessing the Lord’s Table, the world was listening.

How did we get to this point? We got here with the consent and approval of many within our church leadership.

If church leaders could deny the unvaccinated care for their eternal souls, then why wouldn’t the health system also deny the unvaccinated care for their earthly bodies?

If church leaders could turn the unvaccinated away from their spiritual needs, then why wouldn’t hospitals turn the unvaccinated away from their physical needs?

Are public church leaders now going to tell us that our physical needs are more important than our spiritual needs; and that our temporal bodies take precedence over our eternal souls?

As they say, as the church goes, so goes the nation. So, if we want the state government to treat the people better next time, we’re going to need a strong church that fears the wrath of God more than it fears the wrath of the state.

We need church leaders who have a biblical view of the state’s authority, knowing when to bow to the king (1 Kings 1:22), and when to rebuke him (2 Samuel 12:7).

We need church leaders concerned with doing what’s right, not with making the wrong thing sound right.

We need church leaders prepared to stand between an overreaching state government and Christ’s flock.

Unfortunately, many in public leadership haven’t had much to say about their poor behaviour during the “pandemic,” which sadly suggests one awful conclusion: They don’t want to admit their “pandemic mistakes” because they fully intend on making them again if and when they’re told to.

But their decisions do have consequences. The church ought to operate as a nation’s moral compass, and when that compass is pointed in the wrong direction, or even when it stays silent by refusing to point to the right direction, the world will view it as all the approval they need for taking the wrong course, whatever the cost of life may be.

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