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Australian Government Considers Ban On Anonymous Social Media Accounts, Mandatory ID Proof to Use Facebook, Instagram

"The proposal will grant police access to Australians' private social media and dating apps," reports claim.

The Australian federal government is considering a ban on anonymous social media accounts in an effort to deter online abuse and harassment.

The plan would require all Australian users to hand over 100 points of personal identification, such as a passport or drivers licence details, in order to create or maintain social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Tinder.

The push comes after a Parliamentary Committee inquiry into family, domestic, and sexual violence found that anonymous online abusers faced “little risk of sanction.”

“In order to open or maintain an existing social media account, customers should be required by law to identify themselves to a platform using 100 points of identification, in the same way as a person must provide identification for a mobile phone account, or to buy a mobile SIM card,” the report said.

According to news reports, the proposal will also grant police access to Australians’ private social media and dating apps and suggests “a substantial increase” in criminal penalties and fines for online abuse to “act as a greater deterrent for errant behaviour.”