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Peter Hitchens warns, those who drive Christianity out of society are preparing the way for Islam.

Peter Hitchens has warned, the atheist campaign against God in the West is preparing the way for Islam.

In an interview on Conversations with Vicky Warren, Hitchens said, “When they drive Christianity out of Europe, as they’re rapidly succeeding in doing, they will not create an atheist paradise. They will leave a space for Islam.”

Hitchens went on to warn that material prosperity, military force and anti-terror laws are not a reliable or sufficient defense against Islamic take-over. With Christianity out of the picture the spread of Islam will be near impossible to resist.

“Those people who now campaign for Christianity to be driven, more or less, out of public life, out of education, and out of government, to become a purely private thing may be very unpleasantly surprised when, having succeeded doing that, they simply cleared a space for Islam to take over,” Hitchens said.


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