Argentina’s New President Is Punk Rock Politics Personified

“If you give [the Left] an inch, they will use it to destroy you.”

Javier Gerado Milei, Argentina’s president-elect, is the new face of punk-rock politics.

The unmarried, former soccer player, economics professor, singer, and TV celebrity won 55.7% of the vote, knocking leftwing progressives off the leaderboard, and out of office.

Reuters recalled the “miracle win” (Milei’s words) saying “hundreds of supporters gathered in downtown Buenos Aires” cheering, “out with them all.”

Milei, 53, is popular with younger voters, who, as Reuters implied, see his election as a much-needed “yes” to Argentina, and “no” to the country’s inept left-leaning and domineering political elite.

France24, and, citing Inter-American Dialogue’s Michael Shifter, put Milei’s win down to the “protest vote.”

“While there are those who are fervent supporters, some were merely expressing disgust with the long-dominant Peronist coalition,” they said.

These are voters fed up with the false promises of establishment socialists, and spineless Conservatives.

Especially their “inability to halt Argentina’s cycle of deficit, borrowing, money-printing, and inflation.”

Enter Javier Milei.

The Gen-X, Argentine anomaly is a working-class, Buenos Aires native, who has “dabbled in football,” and was the frontman for a Rolling Stones cover band before becoming an economist.

A post-grad prolific author, and TV commentator, Milie infers that he was thrown into the vocation by Argentina’s doomed socialist economy.

Leader of La Libertad Avanza (Liberty Advances), and in politics since 2021, Milei states, he “didn’t come into politics to lead lambs, but to wake up lions.”

When speaking with Tucker Carlson in September, Milei said, “Argentina’s socialist economy doesn’t work.”

“The idea, where there is need, there is a right, is problematic. This is because there’s a conflict between infinite needs and finite resources.”

Contra to Socialism, “this conflict is easy to resolve through economic freedom and private property.”

Government just has to get out of the way, “but the Socialists don’t much like the invisible hand [of the free market], they prefer the claws of the state.”

“They hide behind the discourse of social justice – this sort of social justice is deeply unjust because it’s premeditated by unequal treatment under the law,” Milei explained to Tucker.

During the interview, the now president-elect, rejected gender ideology, fringe social justice, and called abortion murder.

He told Tucker,  as a Catholic and libertarian, “We believe in the unrestricted respect for the lives of others, rooted in a principle of non-aggression, and the defence of life, liberty, and property.

“One of the most fundamental aspects is to defend the right to life.”

In the video seen by over 422 million people since airing on X, Milie insinuated that the Pope was a hypocrite for supporting murderous Marxist dictatorships.

Milei labelled socialist “architecture” garbage with “Soviet characteristics.” 

He then warned Americans to reject the political embrace of socialism, said climate change was part of the socialist agenda, and encouraged Donald Trump to keep fighting for freedom.

Like Trump, Milei backs Israel and has plans to move the Argentine embassy to Jerusalem.

Asked if he turned to prayer to guide him, Milei dodged the question, saying, he “has people praying for him, and that brought him joy.”

The tame Tucker interview is a contrast to a fired-up Milei telling an Argentine interviewer,

“You can’t give s*** left-tards (all kinds of collectivists) an inch.”

“If you give them an inch, they will use it to destroy you. You can’t negotiate with them.”

Chiding the Left for operating on a platform of double standards, he added, “They protect their own.”

Proving Milei right, most legacy media coverage contained bias before anything beneficial.

Attempts to steer the narrative in favour of the Left were almost endless.

For the average Joe looking for information on Milei, the narrative is clearly fixed towards steering them Left.

None of the stuff of substance he talked to Tucker about was mentioned – even though that primary source is not hard to find.

Search engines fired up Wikipedia biographies, and first-page recommendations were dominated by Woke op-eds downplaying the man.

Milei is into three-way coitus, was a sex guru, talks to his dead dog, and is a serial hater, one article declared.

Others accused Argentina’s newest president of having an unhealthy “affection” for his younger sister.

There was zero mention of Milei’s girlfriend of five months, Fátima Florez, nor her faith.

Case in point, society writer for the Daily Mail, UK’s “in-depth look at the new leader” painted Milei as deranged, and unsuitable for high office.

See also ARG Medios’ chagrin here, the Guardian’s protest here, and WaPo’s reaction to the “outlandish” leader, who, they’ve insinuated is a Trump-like stooge.

The Left has learned nothing from 80s bands using “shock treatment” to sell albums.

Attempting to delegitimise Milei’s potential as president, legitimises the new Argentine leader’s Punk-esk political edge.

The irony is rich!

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